Quantum Leap through the Eclipse Portal!

How is everyone holding up? Just when we had hoped this wave of pandemic craziness, shortages of goods, the economic pause & cascade of job upheavals might begin to right itself, we find ourselves in a tidal pool of social unrest. A deep cry for collective change can be heard around the globe. The people call out for a new world of equality, liberty and fraternity, a world which honors all of life as one united sacred Source. All of this is part of our collective alchemical journey.

We are going to have to be patient.  

The current upswell of revolt is merely an energetic symptom of centuries of patriarchal domination. This energy of rage is exploding through the mass consciousness. It is a necessary part of the purging process that we are in, which precedes the birth of a New World. What we see happening is merely a dress rehearsal for what we should expect for the coming Fall. The emotional magma, which has been seething under the surface for decades is just now beginning to rupture. Come late August and into December, we can expect full fiery eruptions and emotive explosiveness on a more massive scale.

Trust the process….

Birth is painful, non-linear, bloody… and absolutely natural and necessary. We must remember that in order to birth this revolutionary global unity, we have to trust the decay process, the chaotic destruction, and the death process itself. This is where our faith is crucial. Holding the light on the other side of the tunnel, remembering we are ETERNAL… and that everything, even at the darkest hour, is absolutely perfect in the evolutionary scheme of things. 

We have now entered the Eclipse Portal, as of the New Moon in Gemini on May 22nd. We will have a series of three Eclipses this Summer, with the Eclipse window not closing up until the Cancer New Moon, July 20th. Now more than ever it is important to keep our minds and hearts open, positive, and trusting, while anchoring the light… because during the Eclipse Portal, whatever energy is present, is amplified and accelerated…

What is the Eclipse Portal?

When an eclipse occurs, ‘light’ is obscured from one celestial body by the passage of another – between it and the observer or between it and its source of illumination. During a solar eclipse, it is the light of the Sun that is blocked. When it is a lunar eclipse, it is the moon’s reflection that is concealed. Astrologically, the Sun represents the light of our consciousness, the masculine direction and radiance onto the world. The moon reflects our feminine essence, and the internal, mysterious, emotional Soul realm.

The planetary movements are a reflection of the unfolding of our human process. We are not separate from the heavenly bodies. They are not influencing us in the mechanistic sense of cause and effect. We are in a synergistic dance, of sympathetic movement and change, catalyzing our specific circumstances for growth, and evolution. During eclipse season, when ‘the lights are out’ so to speak, our normal MO of functioning is destabilized, as the ego and emotional body experience a bit of a time warp. Higher forces ‘take over’ in order to catalyze huge change and redirection in our lives.

There is a rapid acceleration which occurs, effecting whatever energies are present at the time. Where there is weakness, things may fall apart. Where there is budding creativity, circumstances come to fruition. It is a time when ‘the gates are open’ and it is common that many Souls pass over to the other side. Evolution speeds up and forces change often through shock, unexpected events, and profound realizations that have been lurking beneath the surface which may no longer be ignored. The events that occur during the eclipse portal, are extremely significant, to the larger evolutionary purpose of our lives.

Fact vs Fiction Crazy Making!

Nodal Axis Moves into Gemini/Sagittarius

May 5th, 2020-Jan 19, 2022

Destiny calls…

The transiting Nodal Axis has been in Cancer/Capricorn for the last year and a half, and is now coming to a close. We will have the final two Eclipses in this axis this summer, but prior to these we have our first Eclipse of the season, tomorrow, June 5th in the Gemini/Sagittarius axis.

The Gemini/Sagittarius polarity pair is the axis of knowledge, belief, and truth. With the shift into this new axis comes the onslaught of so-called ‘facts’ and a bombardment of ever-increasing information, opinion, data, and debate. Fact vs fiction–my view vs your view. So many people are gripping tighter to their version of truth, creating further division with others in the process. This is dangerous territory. Wars are created over opposing belief systems. I have seen communities that usually unite in the spirit of higher consciousness breaking down, going toe-to-toe on social media. This energetic battle zone is creating more and more discord, keeping many from the true calling during this Great Shift, which is to do our best to maintain a high vibrational state.

Gripping tightly to one’s own truth is an attempt to fabricate some sense of security, when the reality is, there is nothing to hold onto right now, and that is a necessary part of the process…

We have been living in a collective dream state, forgetting that we are so much more than this material reality. The consensus mindset reaches for security with illusory constructs outside the self such as government, job status, knowledge, or money. The spiritual growth edge, is to retract all outward attachment and false security, and reconnect to the universal current of eternal life and love, which can only be derived from within. 



June 5th, 2020

“The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know.”

(Moon in Sagittarius)

This Eclipse, June 5th, is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 15˚ Sagittarius. Lunar Eclipses are the call the surrender, to let go, to allow the process of death to proceed the rebirth, therefor to flow naturally. With Sagittarius, we are talking about our version of truth, ie. our belief systems. The invitation at this Eclipse, is to loosen the grip on needing to know, needing to be right, or feeling like we have it all figured out. The global drama right now is very seductive, the continual onslaught of information slinging creates ongoing anxiety, frenetic energy, and division in the collective field. 

Beginner’s mind: Dropping our expectations and preconceived ideas about something, and seeing things with an open mind, fresh eyes, just like a beginner. No judgement or attachment to any one idea, concept or belief. Practicing Buddhist principles at this time can alleviate much suffering.

“Seeing misery in those who cling to views, a wise person should not adopt any of them. A wise person does not by opinions become arrogant. How could anyone bother those who are free, who do not grasp at any views? But those who grasp after views and opinions wander about the world annoying people.”

~Jack Kornfield

With the South Node in Sagittarius, the place that holds the shadow, the balancing and saving grace resides in the opposite sign, Gemini- which is the North Node. Gemini, the twins, rules duality. This archetype is teaching us that both can be true, and that there is not one ultimate truth. Gemini also teaches us to listen to other’s perspectives, to be open, curious, and not attached to our own stories.

The light is growing and therefor so is the dark. The incredible aspect in this saga, is that the once ‘covert operations’ are now surfacing for all the world to witness. Awareness is the first step in transformation. Don’t be afraid to look at the whole spectrum. However, do so from a place of non-judgment and compassion.

Ultimately, transcending the story completely will catalyze the true shift into the higher dimensional states…

This is quite an intense Full Moon Eclipse, because Mars, the God of War, is squaring the Full Moon, and opposing Venus Goddess of Love. This is volatile energy, and could create even more civil destabilization as well as be disruptive to the already sensitive relationship dynamics provoked by the current Venus rx cycle.

Go slow, be patient, communicate with compassion…

So the invitation is to take an honest inventory on where you stand, and to see if there might be some limiting, judgmental, or righteous beliefs cycling in the backdrop of your mind…? Perhaps there is just a general stream of fear that pervades thru many of your thoughts at this time…? Or, maybe you need to broaden your perspective, and consider some of the alternative views?

Now, as the gates are open, we have the capacity to change our thoughts/minds to reflect that of trust and knowing of where we are headed, regardless if we can’t clearly see the path. This faith comes from within, a remembering that life is eternal, and death is merely an illusion.

Burn those negative thought patterns in the fire, rewrite the stories to reflect the highest truth of unity and love. Have patience with one another for we need new unity – not more division. 

* (Also it is important to remember that, the themes of each of the specific Eclipses, are prevalent the ENTIRE eclipse season, so essentially we havr 8 weeks that we will be working with these dynamics (not just the day of or days surrounding) **

Things to come….

I will be writing more on these events but here are the dates fyl:

June 18th: Mercury rx
June 21st:  Solar Eclipse at 0˚ Cancer
June 30th: Pluto/Jupiter conjunction
July 4th: Lunar Eclipse at 13˚ Capricorn
July 20th: Eclipse Portal closes with New Moon at 28˚ Cancer

Deep bow to each of you on the path doing your best! Go easy on yourself and others, breathe deep, go within, and celebrate this one precious life with friends and family…


xoxo Shannon

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