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Hello Earth Angels!

It has been a bit since my last update as the chaotic storms of transmutation have taken me for a whirl and yet another massive initiation! Not surprising, as this is the way of the world at this very potent moment, where in one way or other, we are all being brought to our knees. All in Divine order we must remember to trust, I rise to the occasion through surrendering to the fall deeper into the underworld .. excavating the subterranean dimensions myself, my relations, my past, and my channel to the collective painbody- as the Universe speaks through me. You too, are being called to die and to be reborn.

This time has finally emerged that was written in the stars long ago. This tipping point where the light and the dark face off, revealing the duality of good vs. evil, and shattering the facade of the world we have been long living.’The great revealing’ is in full swing, and like it or not, it’s only going to get uglier as the Mother burns off the toxicity before we may truly begin to build anew. And be clear, the ‘dark’ does not exist ‘out there’… but inside every one of us. Yes, of course there is a spectrum, but to focus solely on the collective projection screen, is to deny your quadrant of the work.

If you feel like you may be going a little crazy… that is a GOOD THING! The ego is facing off with the Soul as the daily reports reveal more and more of the lies, deception, and perversion that pervade our system and simultaneously our own delusions and dissociations are being pronounced awaiting dissolution. The blinders must come off and the false security and ego identities must crumble. I have spoken many times now about the plantetary alignment of Pluto (the Dark-Mother/underworld/shadow), Saturn (Lord of Karma and Universal Alignment) and Jupiter (The Great Expander) all colliding in the sign of Capricorn (our governing system and foundation of our world). This combustion is a complete demolition of any element that is not of Divine Source!

The initial alignment started in January which catalyzed the pandemic, but the cauldron had only begun to brew. Enter in the global explosion over the eons of racial and social injustice, and now the exposure of the elite pedophiles and global human/child trafficking operations- the alchemy is in full action and in perfect timing! The only truth that may be relied upon is within, and due to our world built and fixated on materialism, status and addictions.. devoid of reverence and connection to earth and Soul…this is a massive process undergo. I am not saying it is black and white, there are MANY people who live in connection with Spirit, but the pervading energetics have been strangulating the Life Force for so long, that the death process proceeding the birth into this new age – is ugly, and we each have our personal part to play.

As a reminder the Nodal Axis is now in Gemini/Sagittarius. The Nodal Axis is the ‘collective karma/destiny line’.

The Gemini/Sagittarius polarity pair is the axis of knowledge, belief, and truth. With the shift into this new axis comes the onslaught of so-called ‘facts’ and a bombardment of ever-increasing information, opinion, data, and debate. Fact vs fiction–my view vs your view. So many people are gripping tighter to their version of truth, creating further division with others in the process. This is dangerous territory. Wars are created over opposing belief systems.

And now, we have become excruciatingly aware, that our media sources cannot be trusted. That censorship and outright control of information is off the charts. My encouragement to you, is to USE YOUR INTUITION! Explore alternative news sources, and don’t count out that all ‘conspiracies’ are inaccurate. 


– the action of plotting or conspiring.
– a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.

Do we REALLY think that everything is on the level with our government? That there is no ‘behind the scenes’ plotting? Look at our maniacal leaders. Look at all the narcissistic spiritual guru’s falling right and left. The toxic patriarchal archetype is oozing the dis-ease that is manipulating and controlling the sacred feminine life spring! THIS is the true viral pandemic! It is time we all face the facts and stop being herded by parasitic intentions. 

Everyone is entitled to their belief and version of reality, so what seems most pressing is that we make allowances for such. But one thing is certain, we must STAY AWAKE, and read between the lines. Again, trusting that even if the worst is true, that there is a ‘hidden agenda’ orchestrating this entire global crisis, it is necessary part of the ‘Great Awakening’ and it is happening!  Remember that the light is SO BRIGHT that it is exposing every dark crevice that has been hiding, and this passage is a crucial component of the alchemical process of burning off the dross and moving us forward towards the creation of a united world community.


Mars, ‘The Warrior’ planet in it’s home sign of Aries has been intensifying the destruction by making a 90˚ angle (square) to the ‘Covid cluster’ (Jupiter, Pluto & Saturn) which started with the exact contact on August 4th with Jupiter resulting in the Beruit and 5 other explosions on the planet within 48 hours! Squares are tense aspects that force change. 

August 13th: Mars squared Pluto… explosions of corruption, shadow erupting from deep within, power & powerlessness; death and loss, grief, increased volatility and aggression

August 24th: Mars squares Saturn… Resistance and blockages to all efforts, accidents, explosive outbursts, exhaustion.

Mars in it’s highest is the fighter for a cause… in it’s shadow, it is the destructive God of War. We see both being expressed and sadly, not only is this playing out on the world stage, but there is also a massive amount of unconscious anger and aggression boiling up in our personal lives and being projected unconsciously onto others. Imagine a global earth quake… and every bit of unresolved trauma that has been hiding in our unconsciousness exploding up and out into the field. Not to mention the collective fear induced shock that is pervasive.. *Remember, anger masks fear*. What are the stories you are telling yourself about other people that piss you off so much? Turn those questions inside on yourself… THAT is the true work.

Many many people dont have the internal circuitry to handle all of this at once. Go slow, be patient, be compassionate, and try not to take it personally!

And remember we are in the battle zone the entire month of August, not just on these specific dates.

Mars will go retrograde September 9th, which means we will experience this set of squares three times total by the end of 2020. When it is a Mars rx year, it stays in a sign six months, rather than six weeks. This means that ‘The Warrior’ isn’t going anywhere fast. We are being forced to get into alignment. Merging our personal will (Mars) with higher will. And any place we are out of sync or deceiving ourselves or others, will be exposed. Remember, there is no hiding anymore. The veil is thin, the ascension process accelerated. Spirit comes in all forms and the angels of light will have no more abuse, deception, or disgrace.

Are you using your fire creatively and to forge change….?

Today, August 15th Uranus, the planet that rules the new Age of Aquarius shifts into reverse! The lightening bolt planet of awakening will now be inverse, catalyzing the jolt of awareness wherever the darkness has been hiding. Uranus sometimes works through shocking us wherever we have been sleep walking and also arouses our traumas. Though unsettling, necessary and a potent passage to detox from where we have been hiding from ourselves and refusing to see the truth of which is paramount at this crucial juncture we are facing. Uranus wants UPGRADES. Where are you stuck? Where are deluding yourself? The time is now to take a leap on the ascension journey!

The August New Moon rises on Tuesday, August 18 in the bold and regal sign of Leo! Leo, ruled by the Sun in it’s highest expression rules the principle of creation itself… Love. The Lion is loyal, creative, radiant. It is the archetype that represents the legacy that each of us our here to leave. There is no better time than to burn through any distortion in the field that stands in the way of being embodied vessels of light and seeing this reflection in those around us. Even, if not especially those who are challenging or triggering us at the moment. Remember, what we choose to focus on, grows. See the light in others, and help them grow. We are all in this together, and the more division we create, the longer this journey will take.

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