Relationship & Sexuality

Specific Types of Readings

**If you have not had an Initial Session with Shannon, please schedule one before booking these readings, (unless otherwise discussed.) 

  • Composite & Synastry 
  • Twin Flame‘ & ‘Soulmate’ Dynamics
  •  Natal Relationship Outlook
  • Kundalini Awakening
  • Sexual Trauma Signatures
  • Gender/Transgender Identity 



Are you with the right person? For now? For life? A Composite-Synastry reading can show you exactly what makes your relationship work or how it can improve. (2 charts)

90 Mins: $243

Sacred Unions

Twin Flame, Soulmates, Sacred Union dynamics. Is there something 'unusual' about your current relationship? Are you locked in deep and wondering what is going on? (2 charts)

90 Mins: $243

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