Specific Types of Readings

One attending spouse, parent or guardian is required to have had an Initial Session with Shannon. If not, please schedule one (unless otherwise discussed) before booking these readings. 

  • Early child natal chart readings
  • Youth & adolescent development
  • Significant growth transit cycles 
  • You, your child & your household
  • Extended family interpersonal relationships 
  • Focused on family dynamic problem solving  

Youth Upgrowth

Children's Charts

Get the celestial guidebook on your child. Knowing their natal energies early can help both you guide their path. (Usually accompanied by parent).

60 Mins: $171

Adolescent Development

Growing up in this reality can be even more confusing than when you are young. Help your teenager grapple with their quickly changing landscape.

60 Mins: $171

Family Dynamics Plus

You may have more complex challenges with your family. Father, mother, brother or sister may present a challenge to you. (3-4 charts)

90 Mins: $243

Further down the path...

You may wish to go deeper in your understanding and exploration with other focused work. Shannon has her essential consultations and also deals with specific issues which can be tailored for your situation and experience. 

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