From the moment of your conception the heavenly bodies begin to constelate into particular patterning that culminates as you take your first breath into the perfectly unique sacred geometry that is YOU! As if a ‘snapshot’ of the heavens is taken at the divine arrival point of your entry into form, this becomes the ‘map’ of your soul-your sacred ‘Soul Blueprint‘ (otherwise referred to as your ‘birth chart’).

In this initiatory session, Shannon will take you on a deeply profound tour of your ‘cosmic DNA’ through an Archetypal & Evolutionary lens, defining your ruling archetypes, unpacking your previous lifetimes of karma, and guiding you in how to step fully into your sacred dharma- bringing you into coherent alignment with your soul’s evolutionary contract. This session is a catalytic experience, far from merely conceptual. Shannon’s insight, wisdom and energy field is an activating force resulting in a sacramental experience. This is the ultimate gift to yourself, to ‘re-member and embody’ who you truly are. 

Take aways from the session:

  • Illumination of your life’s mission, direction, and purpose.
  • Answers to specific questions regarding relationships, health, and work issues.
  • Uncovering of shadow material as essential part of the journey to wholeness.
  • Frequency attunement accelerating your consciousness.
  • Bootcamp feedback if/when necessary to unblock the flow to your genius.
  • Cosmic downloads re: the nature of reality, ‘why’ we are here,
  • What  is the ‘Great Shift’ or ‘Awakening’ really about & what YOUR part is to play in it.
  • Sacred reflection of your Divine Magnificence from Shannon as your new sacred ally on the journey.
  • You will review your on-screen birth chart live with Shannon and see your transits in motion!
  • These readings are recorded and sent to you.
  • Adults 18 and over (for adolescent charts look under Youth & Family Section)

Soul BluePrint & Transits

90 Mins

To get started with Shannon, this session is designed to lay the ground work for learning & activating your natal essentials and where you are on your Soul’s path. This is an integration of the ‘Soul Blueprint’ reading & the current ‘transits’ – which is where you are ‘NOW’ on your journey, and what to expect for the year to come. (*This session is required before mentor coaching or astro-therapy follow-ups.)

1 1/2 Hours: $225

Soul BluePrint Immersion

120 Mins

This session is a deeper dive into your natal chart, current transits, and exploration at past life karmic issues. This is an investment in the knowledge of yourself, and especially designed for those who are new to the metaphysical realm, or have a specific issue that may be blocking the Soul’s advancement. (*This session meets the requirement for coaching & therapy follow-ups.)

2 Hours: $270

Explore Other Areas


Timing & Health

General readings, life events, solar returns, career, timing, health, astro-cartography and more.

Youth & Family

Children, young adults & family dynamics. Specializing in adolescent traumas.


Coaching & Counsel

On-going mentorship, coaching, astro-therapy, focused on life direction.

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