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Shannon is a gifted astrologer from whom a world of depth can be received by those who are willing. Especially appreciated are her competence, her loving no-nonsense demeanor and integrity as a human being on her own journey with spirit.

Jonathan Alvarez

My reading with Shannon was incredibly good. I’ve had a few readings over the years but none that were this thorough or delivered in such a sweet yet direct way. It was a great teacher and reminder of where I am on this life’s journey. Thank you,

David McLaughlin | Entrepreneur | Boulder, CO

I have received numerous readings from Shannon and eagerly await the next one each time I do. Her understanding of the deeper meaning of astrology is profound. She has such an eloquence in how she interprets my chart. I always feel a depth of purpose when I leave a session with Shannon. A greater, more sound sense of myself. She can turn any perceived weakness into my greatest power! I embody the highest, most divine version of myself when I work with her! She is a powerful, healing guide and will no doubt help anyone see how beautiful and sacred their role in this life truly is!

Gabrielle McLaughlin | Mother, Artist | Boulder, CO

Oh my stars! I do not share this lightly but I just had the most amazing reading from Shannon Gill Astrology. I cannot say enough about it but I think it may be the most sweetly profound and accurate reading I have ever received. She had such clear insight and deep knowledge of my soul’s journey here and now as well as through lifetimes, through an evolutionary astrology and soul archetypal perspective.This would be a huge gift to yourself, your relationships, soul purpose, your shadow (growth), where you have been in previous lifetimes with your soul, your partner, and where you are going… and we are in a very auspicious time as it is with the cosmos right now.

Alena Hennessy | Artist and Author

I have had the pleasure of receiving several astrological readings from Shannon Gill. Each time I have gained more knowledge, self awareness and empowerment from the readings. Shannon has much insight into the everyday astrological workings happening in the moment, as well as how my past astrological history has led to my present reality. She has an amazing knowledge of archetypes and has helped me understand which archetypes I embody in this lifetime. I feel a sense of wonder when working with her, as she weaves together many threads of life and helps me to see a clear picture of who I am and who I can be. She is also a great listener and I can share my feelings with her. I will definitely have more readings from Shannon and I highly recommend her.

Kristin McLean | Teacher, Community Leader | Boulder, CO

My reading with Shannon was more than just insightful, it was revelatory and helped steer my life and creative energy in exactly the right direction at a time when I needed it most. She shares her wisdom and intuition so effortlessly and with such eloquence that there is no doubt of her gift being divine. Not only did my reading with Shannon help in the moment when I was searching for answers, but has continued to guide me in the months beyond and set me on a beautiful path of understanding myself more and my place and purpose in the universe at large. For me it validated everything I already knew in the deepest part of my heart, and unlocked the key to my own greater wisdom.

Rebekah Leonard | Artist | Nederland, CO

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