Mirror, Mirror on the Wall~ Venus rx!

Rest, Reflect, Renew…

Venus retrograde occurs every two years, for six weeks. As this equates to a 40 day and 40 night journey, it has a historically mystical meaning that implies a time of testing, with a potential resurrection following. With Venus, the planet of love and beauty, this time of trial will relate to the very essence of our lives: our relationship to self, to others, and to existence itself. 


Living under these dramatic ‘lock-down’ conditions, some have been forced into 24/7 contact with those in their household, while others confined into solo isolation and severed completely from connection. In either scenario, the outcome has created quite the pressure cooker atmosphere, with heat and steam erupting fiercely and often unconsciously. 

Interestingly, Quarantine, also means 40 days… in Italian, Quarantena” refers to the 14th century 40 day isolation period during the Black Plague in Venice when all the incoming ships had to be quarantined before their crew could go ashore.

In these eerily similar times, the importance of doing ‘the work’, could never be more crucial.

Relationships are the most fertile ground for awakening.

The ‘sacred mirror’ is that which reflects us, back to ourselves, (most importantly, the parts of ourselves we are blind to, or would rather not look at.) The way we see/feel about ourselves then creates a vibratory magnetic field, which in turn results in the attraction of relationships, and the dynamics we play out in those relations. This is the dance of karma playing itself out.

During this extreme time of the massive collective descent, our unhealed aspects are bubbling up to the surface. The deepest part of our psyche, the underbelly of our consciousness is being poked and prodded due to this monumental global trauma. As a result, some people are losing their cool, reacting right and left, and regressing to adolescent (or infantile) behaviors… because, there is nothing to hold onto right now. The illusion of security and control is being swept out from under us day by day.

All the running and escaping, blaming and projecting ultimately isn’t going to change a thing. The essential key to remember in this time of the Great Awakening, is THERE IS NOTHING OUTSIDE OF OURSELVES!” The only way out, is through. Through our own damage, our own pain, our own wounded hearts.

This is the work. To take an honest inventory of the Self, how you are showing up in relationship to others, (and to the Earth herself!) and then to make the necessary adjustments. We are one united conglomeration of energy, and the only arena we can control is within. Once enough beings have found the true inner balance of energetic polarity, we will begin to see the new paradigm expressed on the canvas of our collective reality.

Venus rx in Gemini:

Venus takes her backwards spin in the sign of Gemini, which rules over the mental constructs of life, therefor this time of review will include the ways in which we process information, and thus share. Expect communication to be paramount during this passage. How are the communication lines? Are you feeling heard? Are you listening to others? Are you shutting people down? Are you reactive and slinging the collective angst in the face of those you love? There is a lot here to unpack here.

And the INFORMATION WAR going on… Sheesh! This retrograde cycle is exceptionally important because the North Node (our collective destiny) has also just moved into Gemini for the next year and a half! This means all the Eclipses will fall in Gemini and Sagittarius (after we complete this summer’s series of Cancer/Capricorn Eclipses) and take command over the collective evolutionary karma and dharma.

This is the axis of knowledge, and rules all forms of data, news, and media. Fact-vs-Fiction, my truth vs yours, etc… expect the heat to continue to rise, and sadly create more division and conflict. This is why it is of utmost importance to examine your OWN TRUTH, and have it derive from WITHIN, while simultaneously allowing others to have their version of truth, as well. 


Venus ~ The Goddess of Love and Beauty, relishes in the tactile experience of the Earth. Part of her gift to us is to slow down, and drink in the goodness of ‘spirit in matter’ in the form of indulging our senses on all levels. Thus, Venus rules over our resources; i.e. our monetary system. During this time of refection, expect there to be a strong focus on our financial realities, both personally, and globally. The reality (or shock) of the damage to our global economic system is epic. Reevaluating EVERYTHING, is to be expected.

Venus = Values

Whether we are talking about our relationship to ourselves, to others, or to our resources & worldly possessions, ultimately it all boils down to what we deem most valuable. I guess it may take a pandemic to strip away any superficial associations or attachments, but that is exactly what is being asked of us at this time. 

Neptune squares Venus:

And there is one important aspect to also consider during this rx cycle; the mystical, yet nebulous planet Neptune (co-ruler of Pisces) will be squaring Venus 3 times during this passage. What is normally a five day, two-step with this aspect, is now going to be a three MONTH long intimate waltz due to this retrograde cycle. 

Neptune is considered the higher octave of Venus. While Venus rules ‘personal love’, Neptune rules ‘spiritual/mystical/higher love’. This connection may have the effect of bringing immense healing to the planet, catalyzing a warm encompassing blanket of unconditional love for all of humanity. It may also incite the deep desire for that ‘ultimate love’, the soul mate, or twin flame connection. As we are reassessing our values, many will find that relationships become paramount.

Neptune in contact with the deep feeling planet Venus may also evoke emotions such as grief that have been ‘locked down’, yet now arising from personal loss or longing, or for the state that the Earth and her people are in currently.

Neptune represents our unitive consciousness, and there is a beautiful open portal of awakening thru which to pass and ‘re’-memeber this connection in a very intimate, personal way during this passage.

However with all planets, it is also important to consider the shadow aspects. Neptune is everything that we cannot control. Many may feel unstable with life in such uncertain terms. Also, the planet has the side-effect of blurring over reality, fogging up the lenses. This is because under this aspect, the veil between the worlds is thinner; therefor it may feel quite destabilizing to some, and cause many to not be able to ‘see clearly’, and feel easily overwhelmed.  And with Venus in the sign of Gemini, discrepancies, lies, deceit and corruption revealed, will be a theme. Honesty is paramount right now.

The ground beneath us is not steady. Neptune the co-ruler of Pisces, is represented by the two fish swimming in opposite directions – one towards enlightenment, the other towards escape. Sadly, we will likely see addiction, escapism, and mental illness on the rise. In this time of ‘the Great Awakening’ we must to trust the destruction of the old, in order to build upon the new. And trust, is something that must be derived from one’s personal connection to Source, not from any outward illusory constructs. 

It is time to hold tight to the ones we love. To take personal responsibility for our own trespasses, and to forgive those who have trespassed against us. To be patient with one another. Slow down in our communications, watch our reactions, and most certainly tread lightly when defining our reality by our personal beliefs. There is a war of information and opposing viewpoints going on right now. Allowing one another time and space to filter through all that we are being bombarded with is necessary compassion that is needed. Just because we may see things differently doesn’t mean we aren’t still in this together.

Compassion, Space, and Union – not more separation. 

Reviewing our relations, redefining our values, rewriting our scripts, and then walking forward upon this path together, in REVERENCE ~ once our ‘Venusian Queen of Heaven’goes direct again, is what is being asked of us.

Thank you for being a part of The Shift!



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