Hieros Gamos – Full Moon in Aries- Mastering Duality


October starts and ends with a Full Moon this year – today, October 1st being the first, and the last will be (of course an extra dose of intensity due to it being 2020), on Halloween! 
Our Moon-Mother reaches her fullness today in the sign of Aries. Anytime we arrive at a Full Moon, we are completing a 6-month cycle, that began when the Moon was New in that same sign. This cycle – in Aries, the masculine, the fire of creation, the Warrior, began in March – exactly aligned with the beginning of the arrival of the pandemic. 
The Covid ‘virus’ is of course simply the surface wave reflection (fractal) of the ‘true virus’on the planet being, the wounded, unconscious, or ‘sleeping’ masculine – (I am preferring to refer to currently, as opposed to ‘toxic’).  Aries and it’s ruling planet Mars, are exactly the archetypal arena’s that are hot for healing, rebalancing, and redirecting at this very important planetary moment.
And not only is the Moon exploding in Aries in the sky, but she is also conjunct Chiron (the wounded-healer asteroid) that is retrograde currently and ALSO in Aries – and of course Mars is still rx in Aries until November! See a theme here?? 
Chiron (which is represented by the glyph of a ‘key’ – no coincidence).. sits between Saturn (3D reality) and Uranus (higher consciousness) in the heavens. The golden ‘key’ to unifying duality and merging the dimensions, essentially harnessing heaven onto earth, is clearly the healing and rebalancing of the masculine polarity which is achieved by elevating the Divine Feminine essence to her rightful seat. 

We are at a tipping point with which way things will go here- and our noses held to the grindstone to address the myriad of ways that unchecked, unconscious Mars/Aries/masculine energy is on-goingly still ego driven, power sucking, and destructive to the Sacred Feminine essence of life. Again, this is far from a gender issue, we are talking energy, as there are plenty of females overriding their own internal feminine essence and lashing and slashing about in their own private Idahos. 
How is this playing out in your life? Are you aware you have an active role in creating these shifts and that it isn’t just a ‘story’ going on in the world outside of you? Energy imbalances and polarizations are taking place at all levels, so it is crucial we are all doing our piece of the work. The time of the dictator is long gone. Have you considered that you may also have an ‘inner patriarchy’…?

This question was posed to me by the Mother herself while meditating in the caves of Southern France, where it is known that Mary Magdalene hid out after the crucification. All of this comes back to same source. All of this dysfunction, all of this destruction, all of this pain. It is rooted from separation from the Mother. Call it the Mother Earth, the Divine Mother, your own birth Mother, the Mother within…

The devouring, predatorial energies destroying people and the planet are simply dying to be fed, starving and neurotically misguided in their seeking. What they are truly starving for in their domination, is the return to the experience of ‘Home’. And though we cannot return back to the womb, we may create a planet that is of love, acceptance, cooperation, and harmony.

This is the quest of the New Age upon us. To wake up and remember we are Divine, and this planet is our sacred home. Through projecting fierce compassion into the eyes of these hungry ghosts, we become master alchemists wielding the secret philosopher’s stone. 

Full Moon Charge:

We are each needed to activate our Inner Spiritual Warrior and be engaged in creating this New World!  This is the Warrior of the Heart! When enough humans are vibrating with coherence to the natural laws, we will see enantiodromia catapult the collective into higher resonance. (Term coined by Carl Jung of the principle whereby the superabundance of one force inevitably produces it’s opposite). 
The healthy Mars/Aries is clear, passionate- direction inspired by higher consciousness. Integrating our personal will, with higher will. To be sovereign, but not egotistical and righteous. To be directed, creative and in action, but not authoritarian and tyrannical. To be clear, but not aggressive or condescending.
The Sun is in Libra this month, the archetype of ‘the Lover’ (opposite and igniting the Full Moon in Aries- the Warrior)… reminding us we do truly need each other. Libra is about ‘we’, where Aries is about ‘me’. Libra listens, is compassionate, wants to balance self and other.

The first Decan of the Aquarian Age is in Libra therefor the first 700+years Libra is the archetypal focus for ushering us towards the return of the Perusha (one mind consciousness). 
We will be engaging the ascension process via practicing awareness within relationships as the sacred mirror, reflecting the shadow and parts we may wish to go unseen in service to evolution via transmutation, the integration of polarities, and ultimately, the sacred marriage -Hieros Gamos.

Interdependence is the key. Not dominance. Cooperation, not authoritarianism. Harmony, not destruction. 

What will you be releasing under this Full Moon?

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