The Illusion of Separation


It has been six months now since the initial planetary eruptions began and we are now beginning to see more clearly passed the initial shock and trauma as to where the essential work lies. If you have followed my writing, you have heard me say many times, ‘there is nothing outside of us”.  This awareness is an unfolding on the journey to awakening that is essential to being in active engagement with the dire process of transmutation at hand.

What does this mean exactly?

The beginning of creation was an explosion into duality, from out of the darkness came the light, which then multiplied into infinite fractals of divine consciousness- all microcosmic particles of the divine whole spinning infinitely experiencing itself subjectively. This was the grand design – Source knowing itself through individuality, separation, and limitation – the polar opposite of the original state of formless, non-physical Divine Consciousness.

We (Source) wanted to learn all there was to know, the I AM, in form, the living process state of amnesia, in order to eventually, once again, re-member our true essence, as divine, unlimited, eternal Creators. So in essence,‘there is nothing outside of ourselves’ means, that what we ‘see’ going on in our world, is merely the collective psychological projection of the inner world transpiring within each of us. ‘As within, so without’.

Therefor, what is most important here is to remember that we, (our Highest Self united as the ‘whole’) agreed to play this game here on Earth. Therefor during this time of great acceleration, it is crucial that we draw back our ego’s projections and shift our awareness into the One Mind consciousness. Such existential debates as good vs evil, light vs dark are the very crux of this work that we have summoned upon ourselves, catalyzing us to become Masters of Creation through piercing this very illusion that originates and perpetuates this warring state that we find ourselves in! 

How do we do this?

We start by resisting completely the ‘us vs. them’, ‘light vs dark’, or ‘masculine vs feminine’separating constructs. Yes, it is true, there is much imbalance within the energetics on the planet, but the entire belief that there is a division within consciousness is a false premise and only perpetuating the illusion of separation, and thus the immense suffering on the planet.

The Metaphor of Light & Dark

It’s important to understand that the terms “light” and “dark” are simply metaphors for the degree of connectivity and alignment that one has with our higher self. When one is well-connected and aligned with the higher levels of our consciousness (their soul, over-soul, and beyond), we increasingly express a way of being that reflects the state of being of our higher self. This way of being is characterized by unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, allowance, fearlessness, positivity, and service-to-others. The more we express these qualities, the more it could be said that we are “shining the light” of our higher self into this world.

In the same vein, the term “dark” or “darkness” is simply a metaphor for the lack of connection and alignment with ones higher self. When one is poorly connected and misaligned with one’s higher self, one’s way of being will veer off in the direction of negativity, fear, self-servedness, and perhaps even a lust for power-over-others. How far one will go in this direction just depends on one’s degree of misalignment with their higher self and their unique set of experiences. The more one expresses this way of being, the more it could be said that one is in “darkness”,  “playing in the dark” — or “gone to the dark side.”

So essentially, that there is no force of darkness. Darkness doesn’t exist on its own; it is not a thing unto itself; darkness is simply the lack of light. All that really exists is the “light” of your higher self. If we block a light source, we create a shadow — an area where the light is much dimmer. When we block the “light” of our higher self, we create darkness. Metaphorically speaking that is, because remember what we are really talking about is the degree of connection and alignment with our higher self or the lack thereof, and the way of being you express in this world.

So, there is no “force” of darkness, no force of evil. There is nothing pushing us to become negative and self-serving other than our own unconsciousness (our own disconnection from our higher-selves). We are creating our own darkness by unwittingly blocking the love and light and wisdom of our higher self — our darkness and the darkness in our world is self-created! Ultimately there is nothing other than the “illusion of separation” that causes one to follow the negative path or turn to the dark side. And what is at the root of people playing in the dark? Fear. And what is the one and only thing that can dissolve fear? You guessed it. LOVE. Unconditional love, compassion, and forgiveness – piercing every dark corner of this planet. Seeing your own eyes in the eyes of the lost, asleep, the distorted, sending a transmission of love to activate the remembrance in our shared divinity.

Once we have evolved our awareness into this state of knowing, it becomes evident, that the true work, lies within. And as such, whatever upgrades we experience internally, then affect the whole. So much time is wasting away in battles over who is doing, saying, or destroying what which is all rooted in projection and ignorance. Remember, this is a game we chose to play, and the golden key to unlock the next hallway to heaven resides in drawing back our focus from the 3-D drama that is seducing the planet and keeping us locked down, focusing our awareness internally, and removing the blocks (shadow work) to being the essential transceivers of light that we are!**

This is where astrology becomes our greatest ally. Many of these higher concepts can feel quite nebulous at times, but when following and aligning with the cosmic map… the path forward reveals itself. 


Mars Retrograde

Resurrecting the Sacred Masculine

Sept 9th – Nov 13th


MARS!! The Sacred Warrior or the God of War!

Here we are with our biggest quest on the planet. To resurrect the sacred masculine! Mars now in Aries (it’s own sign therefor more potent) along with Chiron (the Wounded Healer asteroid) also in Aries – are both traveling backwards (retrograde) in the sky currently.

We are all aware the planetary consciousness has been severely out of balance with the sleeping masculine, ‘playing in the dark’ and thus destroying the planet. Regardless of how grossly destructive this has been, we must not see this as a ‘battle’. We must remember that ‘they’, are ‘us’ and ‘we’ are ‘them’.

The masculine archetypal lineage is stricken by deep pain of dissociation from the feminine principle within.. it was indoctrinated out of them and is the true virus on the planet… There is so much suffering here, and deeply unconscious as to the roots. This is where the anger and destructive forces are originate.

This distortion of course is merely masking the deep sorrow and fear of being forever ‘locked out of heaven’ so to speak. Because without the free flowing divine feminine energy within, the hungry ghost becomes dangerously parasitic.

However polarizing, judging, and ‘fighting’ this dynamic, is only going to feed the monsters. It is a ‘dissolving’ process, ‘solve coagulate’ true alchemy, with the sword of love, that will bring liberation. 

And of course during this time we must also peer behind the curtain of our own consciousness to see where these masculine/feminine poles are beckoning us to calibrate…. We have a grand opportunity to re-assess how we have been utilizing our fire in the last few months since Mars entered Aries on June 27th. Can everyone take a moment to reflect on all the unconscious aggression defensiveness, anger and rage that has been flying around the planet since then?

Now that these two planet/oids are in there reverse motion, it is a second chance, to reassess where we have been projecting, unconscious, or simply out of line. Remember… anger masks fear. Of course the planet is raging right now (gripped by fear and lack of control), we have entered into apocalyptic times! BUT! We must remember, this time of ‘the great revealing’ is happening FOR us, not TO us. The light has grown so RADIANT that it is fiercely shining upon the darkness, so that it may be alchemized, and integrated. These are crucial steps on the ascension journey. 

So this passage until November 13th, it is a beautiful opportunity. To draw back our judgements and anger towards the political sphere, and to take responsibility where we may have personally created damage in our relationships and world. 

Also, to assess our direction forward… life will never go back to the way it was. And this is something to CELEBRATE! At this crossroads, it is important to get clarity upon our direction, based on the massive upgrades and reevaluation of values, and AWAKENING to the truth of the Universe, that we are all one Infinite Divine Consciousness co-creating this mysterious journey!

What will you create now?
Summoning the Goddess 

Virgo New Moon

September 17th, 2020

I found this image of the the Virgo archetype – Goddess Sophia, to be quite striking. She feels to be deep in the caves or the dungeon, stewing her magical herbal infusion in the cauldron, focused, standing tall, clearly luminescent… In pure devotion, harnessing her supreme powers to create order out of chaos, and guide the weary to regain mind, body, spirit integration to wake up, heal, regain faith, and ascend! 

This time on the planet very much feels this way. Like we are traversing through the density and it is dark with no clear path forward. And yet there absolutely is a map, and summoning the Goddesses wisdom will accelerate our alignment and ascension process.

Virgo is the healer, the Priestess, the channel linking heaven and earth, and was Yahweh’s sacred partner in the 1st testament of the Bible. She is the Creatrix Goddess of the Universe, and at one time in history, it was a ‘partnership model’, and she and Jesus created the Universe together.

When the imbalances began to take hold on the planet, she was written out of the Bible, and turned into a concept, ‘Widsom’. She is the Goddess of Wisdom. But not a worry, the Christ consciousness is arising, the resurrection fo the Sacred masculine is imminent, the return of the Syzygy is upon us where we will gain access once again to the ‘Heiros Gamos’! (Sacred marriage, unification of the essential polarities) It is written in the stars!~

So at this Virgo New Moon threshold, the Goddess Sophia whispers some messages to assist us on the journey, alleviate some suffering ~ and embark upon a new six month cycle of healing, unification, and service to our Mother Gaia…

Virgo wisdom:

– Purify the temple! Your body, your home, your community! Clean house! Cleanse, remove clutter, detoxify.

– Utilize your breath! As the lungs of the earth are stricken with grief and gasping for air, honor the holy spirit that moves through us, this miracle function is truly the unifying force between heaven and earth. Do breath work exercises, yoga, even just longer, slower conscious breaths out in nature. 

– Deepen your devotion! What is your life in service of? Are you practicing your principles? Taking the concepts into action are necessary at this time. Be in service, so much is needed at this time. 

– Clean up your messes! Whether this is literal or figurative, where have you been messing up? Where is their chaos in your life? Make right what has been out of order and bring alignment. 

– Honor the Sacred.. In whatever way that is true for you. Prayer, ritual, ceremony, art, nature… BE the creator that you ARE! BE divinity incarnate and create beauty, connection. Remember to be in AWE every day of the mystery! Look up, not down!

As with every New Moon we get the opportunity to be reborn, to push the ‘reset’ button. For me, I have committed to a month of hot yoga! Whoosh! Sweat, detox, and open, open, open my body…. YES!!

Sophia can call the wounded home. Can soothe the weary, can heal the sick. This energy is a divine elixir to help assist in alleviating the chaotic storm, the anger, the scared. Call upon her… she dwells inside of you. 

My mission on Earth is to assist other’s in aligning with their Soul’s contract, and midwife the awakening on the planet. 

We each come in with a mission, and a symphony of archetypes to dance with us along the way. It is now more essential than ever that we each embody our piece of the puzzle. The celestial map (your birth chart) is your key – written by your very own divine consciousness prior to your incarnation.

We leave ourselves signs, clues… your natal chart is the most significant and powerful of them all. Not only does it hold your Soul’s contract, but your karma, what is in the way that needs clearing in order to be successful on your mission. But it also reveals the patterns of the future, so that you may make wise choices in navigation. Astrology is not ‘predictive’, we do have free will. But knowing the path, is the most effective way to be strategic in the manifestation process. 

In honor of my birthday month, I am offering a 15% off discount on readings until the next New Moon which will be in Libra on October 16th. Just message me and say ‘happy birthday!” It would be an honor to serve you…

So much love to each of you brave souls on the path…. We are finding our way home! Utilze this Mars rx cycle to lay down the weapons of duality, activate your inner spiritual warrior, and SHINE YOUR BRIGHTEST LIGHT UPON THE WORLD!

We’ve GOT this!!  Remember, WE CHOOSE to experience it in the first place! So find some humor in it whenever possible! xoox

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