Gemini Lunar Eclipse~ Today!

Rounding the corner to the finish line of what is likely the most memorable year of our lives, our journey culminates with two back-to-back eclipses, which ensure a climatic grand finale. Anytime we are in the Eclipse Portal’, time is suspended and the texture of reality takes on a hint of surrealism as the grounds shift rapidly with the temporary disappearance of the light. Eclipses occur anytime there is a New or Full Moon conjunct the Nodal Axis, which is known in Evolutionary Astrology as ‘The Destiny Line‘. The Nodal Axis relates to our Soul’s Evolutionary contract. The South Node is the place of our ‘karma’, our shadow… where we may have gotten off track or off balance. The North Node is our growth edge, the archetypal arena of our life that when embodied, assists in re-balancing any South Node misalignments. This arena can be thought of us our ‘dharma’. We each have these nodes in our natal/birth chart and they are always transiting the sky. These transits reflect society’s current collective karma/dharma.  November 30th is the first of the ‘luminarious’ events and is a Full Moon – Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Gemini (which is the transiting North Node, and therefor the balancing agent for the Sagittarius South Node). The Gemini/Sagittarius polarity pair is the axis of knowledge, belief, and truth. With the Nodes in this axis has come the onslaught of so-called ‘facts’ and a bombardment of ever-increasing information, opinion, data, and debate. Fact vs fiction–my view vs your view. We have witnessed the increasing divide between people and communities as our information gateways have become nearly impossible to trust, with the ever increasing censorship and outright manipulation.  The Gemini archetype is the ‘Twins’… and thus rules duality. With the eclipse falling here, our personal evolutionary advancement comes from loosening our grip on whatever version of reality we have chosen and remembering that there is actually never one solid truth. There are many variations – shades of grey – and with the nature of existence being dualistic, the higher path is to embrace and integrate the opposite. In understanding that which lies behind any curtain of righteousness is simply fear, we must also remember to lean into compassion for our friends and neighbors who are likely going through a massive internal (and perhaps unconscious) dissolution process due to the entire planet’s underpinning dissolving before our eyes. Cognitive Dissonance: This term describes a psychological dilemma when a person cannot entertain a certain piece of information entering their psychic awareness because it is in contrast to their prevailing belief system which essentially gives them a sense of safety in their world. Rather than opening up to the new information and allowing it to permeate their reality, they deny it to avoid the resultant destabilization in their being.  “Ignorance is Bliss”: Unfortunately, staying asleep to the emerging realities surrounding us, may only prolong the shifts in consciousness which are essential to the emergence of this new world being midwifed as we speak. However, due to the leap in awareness necessary to truly ‘see’ what has been going on behind the curtains of our world, it is important that we support one another as the illusions fall away. We certainly don’t need a collective psychotic break! Not everyone needs to see the entire story. And this is ok. Truly, the ‘story’ is inconsequential… and the real work lies in our capacity to stay in a place of levity, hope, and heart-centered action.  Lunar Eclipse Contemplations: Anytime we align with a Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse, we are dancing with the unconscious layers of process and emotions that have been building for the prior 6 months. And what a year this has been my friends! Take some time to allow yourself to truly FEEL what has moved through you, through our families, our communities and our world. Acknowledge the strength of heart and spirit, the triumph of faith. Trust that in such times of complete uncertainty and destabilization, we have shown up fully, meeting the challenges with open hearts, minds, and willingness to plant the seeds for this new emerging world. With this Lunar Eclipse culmination, allow yourself to let go of any residual emotions, angst, or even shame and guilt around our potential reactions to this global descent. This Eclipse also has a relationship and potential financial theme as Uranus (lightening bolt of change) opposes Venus (love and money). Uranus being the ruler of the New Aquarian Age is begging for upgrades in all arenas. Sometimes these come in the form of shocks, but don’t necessarily have to. Do the work, relationships are the hot cauldron of transmutation with the greatest potential to catalyze our awakening and evolution! Face the fire, expose your heart, love is worth the risk!  (Sudden financial shifts are also possible!) And as we dance with Sagittarius and Gemini, utilize the power of the higher mind to align with that which you wish to create, and detach from any drama and low vibrational dynamics. Choose wisely what you focus upon, who you communicate with and about what. Remember to voice that which you wish to see more of in your world, NOT that which irritates you. This is key*. Follow the energy currents that keep you in a high emotional state. What gives you pleasure? What creates peace in your heart? Choose and follow this path.  The New Moon Solar Eclipse will be just around the corner, December 14th. This is the rebirth moment… just prior to Saturn and Jupiter marching into Aquarius on the Winter’s Solstice – truly marking the birth of the New Era. More on this to come!

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