2020 Threshold & New Moon Activation



As I sit staring at my computer, waiting for the words to come for me begin this newsletter, waves of intricate thought patterns, feelings, and visions weaving in and out of multiple space-time continuums, I find myself noticing my breath. Something I have been doing more of lately. Bringing my awareness to the simple, yet precious mystery of the inhale–  the exhale… The Holy Spirit, which connects Heaven and Earth, and that which is the divine essence of life, I invite you now to pause and take a deeply nourishing conscious breath before we go on… and notice how you feel afterwards…

And so here we are my friends… the 2020 intensity that astrologers have been talking about since the 70’s is now upon us in the most dramatic and shocking way. As we have been talking about now for months, the massive build up of planets in Capricorn has been eliciting the demolition of all the destructively imbalanced structures and paradigms on the planet, knowing that in order for us to truly emerge into the Age of Light, the distortions must remedy themselves and we must rebuild our system to honor all of life as one connected web. Sadly, it took a global pandemic, but here we are NOW sitting for the first time history, unified as One World, sharing in the devastation of the Coronavirus. 

Many of us have known, something had to give. Something massive had to occur in order to awaken the collective sleepwalk. The majority mindset  and powers that be have been under a thick veil of amnesia from the awareness of our unitive consciousness, chasing an illusory dream, and meanwhile destroying our very home, planet Earth! We have been given many many warnings, and have not listened. And so here we are. 

However, a new world exists beyond this tyranny, hierarchy, patriarchy, and oppression. This is all part of the evolutionary unfolding. It is a world where we are each called to build and channel our particular gifts into being.

Where the authority transitions from the elite into the hands of the everyday human.

Where we solidify self-sustaining communities and networks of mutual aid. Here, adaptation and innovation are essential and as we evolve further into the Aquarian Age operating as One Mind, the decisions will made as such. 

Our Mother is grieving. The lungs correlate with grief. COVID-19 is merely a symptom of the ways in which we have toxified her. Her children must return to her with honor and humility and return to living with reverence and respect for all of her human life. And when that time comes, Heaven on Earth may return once again. 

I was interviewed on a podcast in December, 19′ in regards to ‘what to expect’with this massive 2020 constellations. A client wrote to me 2 weeks ago saying,

“I reviewed your podcast from December, and there was some interesting info at the 28 minute mark about not having food on the shelves!!” 

Shocked, as I did not recall saying this! And yet it happens that way often times, the guidance just rolls through me. Somewhere inside of me however, I have been preparing for something like this my entire life. I know these are the times I was born for. We ALL WERE!

If you didn’t have a chance to listen to this interview and would like to, you may click the image below.



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