2nd Aquarius New Moon! ~Feb 18th~

Today marks the 2nd New Moon of the year in Aquarius. It is at exactly the last degree and minute of the sign which signifies the culmination/integration point of the Aquarian energy. We have been working to get honest about who we really are and what we stand for! Aquarius is the impulse to have the courage to express our innermost radical, unique, controversial selves without concern or need of societal standards. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, which has been in a standoff with Pluto now since 2012- forcing us to surrender (Pluto) all that which stands in our way of owning our most authentic, expressed, individuated selves. It is only when we are living from this place of radical empowerment, that we can plug into the web of collective healing that is so crucial on the planet at this time. Today we have one last opportunity to plant some deep seeds of intention about reorienting ourselves towards our innermost truth and initiating our lives from there.
Aquarius also rules our friends, organizations, and communities. Are we aligning ourselves with those who stand up for our highest values? Are we plugging into the community in ways that can help serve the positive momentum on the planet? Who are we spending our time with? Do they uphold you to your highest version of yourself? If the answer is no to any of these questions, the time is now to reorganize our time and priorities.
There are some important aspects to this New Moon which give us more detail regarding this slice of time. The New Moon activates both the Saturn/Neptune square, and the Pluto/Uranus square. With the Saturn/Neptune, we are being called to get serious (Saturn) about our spiritual practice (Neptune). If there are any discrepancies between our walk and our talk, they are sure to be exposed during this time. And the New Moon is exactly at the midpoint between the Pluto and Uranus square- inviting us yet again to bring these two huge players into harmony. Pluto has been stripping us naked of all the places we hide and distort, and Uranus has been shocking us awake into higher vibrational states. This New Moon at the midpoint is giving us opportunity to surrender to these planetary impulses and reorient ourselves accordingly.
And last, Mars and Venus are working towards a beautiful alignment coming this Saturday, February 21st, and are being activated as well with this dark moon. The Divine Masculine and Feminine uniting to infuse this seed planting time with passionate creativity and fertility to birth something new! It is a powerful time to assess your relationship to the opposite sex, (despite your sexual orientation) as well as to the inner-opposite. We have an opportunity as this is a new cycle for Mars and Venus to heal from the old, toxic, wounded imbalanced ways of relating.. to a state of mutual loving, respectful, supportive relationship. It is important to remember that our relationship to the opposite sex, is connected to the way in which relate to our inner opposite. So tending to ourselves first, is always crucial. Are we in touch, honoring, and supportive to both our inner masculine and feminine aspects? Or does one generally control the road? These are powerful contemplations to consider today and make intentions for this upcoming cycle.
So today the moon is new in the last degree of visionary, community oriented Aquarius, but tomorrow it moves into ethereal, compassionate, altruistic Pisces where it is followed only minutes by the Sun, and joins Neptune, Chiron, Mars, and Venus. As we have been catalyzed to action within the last two lunar cycles, this shift into Pisces will be the call to surrender into the higher plan. To trust the work we have done, push away from the shore, and allow the river current to carry us for a while. March, the Pisces season is the time to get in touch with the great mystery… to allow more time for daydreaming, creative exploration, and anything that allows us a sense of surrender and flow. Let the cognitive functions have a rest, and tap into the sacredness all around us.
Abundant blessings to all~

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