Balancing Polarity ~ Full Moon in Libra


How is everyone holding up?! 

Most people I am engaging with these days are reporting a similar theme of experiencing a dramatically positive shift in energy as a result of the mandated slow down in our daily rhythm, gratitude for more time and space to connect with family and nature, and a massive reboot of personal direction and reclaiming of purpose that is in alignment with the natural, and higher laws.

Most people, are also simultaneously grappling with waves of anxiety, uncertainty, and fear of the unknown. 

Even though we have been expecting a ‘collective dark night of the Soul’ and that one is ‘necessary’ in the transmutative process of evolution, it doesn’t mean that we are exempt from managing the energetics that are pervasive in the field. Quite the opposite – as One unitive consciousness, we MUST engage in the personal internal alchemy if we are to ever ‘see’ a different reality in our world.

“As above, so below; as within, so without”... these are not just cliche’s… this is actually proven scientifically that we are all intricately connected through a shared energetic field. And there is a massive amount of fear penetrating the collective currently, so this is big internal work to metabolize, while not bypassing, the reality of the situation. So essentially, this is where the rubber meets the road. Where all of the spiritual concepts must be enacted into form and practice, and balance becomes paramount.

And in a world of no coincidence, our Grandmother Moon reaches her fullness today in the sign of Libra, ‘The Scales’.  While here we sit, in ‘time-out’ in our homes, because we have been so severely out of balance in most every aspect of our world. Libra looks at how we may come to integrate polarity. Masculine/feminine, light & dark, right & wrong, etc. Being aware of this need, as it is rising in the zeitgeist, yet actually mastering this is another thing altogether. These are subtle energies, and require deep understanding and practice on a regular basis.

The 3-D tendency is to project, to see the self as separate, and as such to point fingers and place blame as to why this, why that. The entire premise of this is the core issue. Seeing ourselves as separate, only perpetuates the collective amnesia, and furthers the divide.

For example: We likely all can agree that the patriarchal governing bodies have been the cause of most all of the world’s current state of turmoil.Now….where can you identify some of the patriarchal attributes, within yourself? What attitudes can you reflect upon personally that may have lead us here collectively? This is something we each should ponder…..

Another invitation from our Moon Mother, is to bring a level of higher consciousness to those we are ‘stuck at home with’. We have seen the statistics on the rise of domestic violence in the home, and with the chaos mounting, it is all too easy to take things out on those closest to us. Now is the perfect time to practice deeper compassion, NVC (non-violent communication), patience, and even to intentionally work out kinks that may be surfacing due to the decrease in distractions.

The union available with the Libran archetype is one that has the capacity to open the gates of heaven, ie. to catalyze transcendence through the dissolution of the separate self. (I have done several workshops on this, if you are interested in watching a webinar let me know and I will send it to you).

When in Aries (which is where the Sun is currently traveling, and our previous New Moon of 2 weeks ago) we speak of “ME“… in Libra, we speak of “WE“.  Thank the Goddess we have one another right now! And for those who are living solo, reach out to them! They are potentially feeling this even more profoundly.

Simultaneously, Mars (action, masculine, warrior) is making an exact square today with Uranus (sudden change, upgrade, higher consciousness) as well. There is an extraordinary possibility for breakthroughs. This is also a very volatile alignment. On top of the Full Moon, take things slow. Go outside, move your body. Breathe, Breathe, Breathe!!

And as with every Full Moon, the Light of the Sun is illuminating the deeper emotional currents of the Moon that have been building throughout the lunation. Take time to FEEL….This is A LOT TO MANAGE… let things pass through. Take responsibility if you have been ‘off-kilter’ with your loved ones. Our deepest – oldest patterns are arising in the face of this crisis.. because again, we are in a massive collective descent, ‘the trauma zone’…so there is NO WAY AROUND IT, that we as the Earth’s inhabitants, are ALSO going through this personally.

But most importantly, we must TTP –Trust the process… We don’t get to have the gorgeous flowers of spring, without the decay of the withering leaves in the fall and winter. We are not separate from nature, we must return to this knowing, the rhythm, this harmony.

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