Volcanic alignment following leo new moon!

Calling All Lions! 

Leo season is a welcome break from the world intensity; here in this part of the world we are in the full swing of high summer – inviting travel, water sports, and play time with family and friendsThe planets will be increasing in intensity soon so take time out to enjoy this ‘calm before the storm’ so to speak. 

This is the moment to take center stage and let the world hear you ROARNew Moon in Leo invites us to let our inner-child come out to play and passionately express whatever is true to your heart! 

The Golden-Child’ archetype is here to illuminate! Leo is ruled by the Sun, without it there would BE no life! So this is the month to allow your brightest light expression with less inhibition, remembering that we are all fractals of the One Divine Source!
Leo is the spark of creativity, as the Sun is the giver of life. This lunation is a powerful ignition for that artistic or passionate project that you have been germinating. We each have our own special or unique gifts, and this New Moon begs for them to truly be felt and seen! 
Touching into the sensitive arena of our inner-child may also bring up complex memories or emotions; yet, during Leo season, ALL voices are welcome! Acknowledging and transmuting childhood pain is a beautiful way to embrace this time. This New Moon’s roar should rattle our bones, bringing up subtle unresolved issues of our self-worth so that we will claim our power. The world needs Lions right now, not lambs! What is your contribution to the whole? As a global citizen, a co-creator with the divine, what is your passionate offering? NOW is the time to bring it into full fruition! 

Take heart, courageous one — for in choosing your power, you are actively weaving the fabric of the New Earth! 
 New Moon Contemplations:

  • In what area of your life could you be more courageous?
  • Do you have a dream that also invokes fear?
  • How might you take a step in that direction?
  • Are you fully expressing your truth in your life? Relationships?
  • What could you do to renew your creative expression this month?


July 28th – November 23rd

On the same day of the New Moon, Jupiter – “the great benefic” – stations retrograde. Jupiter is the planet of luck, opportunity, and expansion. When in regular forward motion, wherever you find Jupiter in your chart, you usually experience these blessings, as if the cosmic winds are beneath your wings. Things flow, doors open, magic happens!

Now when the planet of luck slows down and then begins its backwards treck, sometimes these trends may suddenly come to a halt! This isn’t some kind of cruel punishment from above, it’s actually the necessary awareness, review and sober evaluation of any places you may have OVER-extended… or spent TOO much money… or Indulged in TOO much of a good thing. This retrograde window invites us to put things in check, where it is needed. 

Jupiter also rules over our belief systems and our truth. When in retrograde, there is commonly a reevaluation of what we ‘thought’ was going on. Or what we ‘believed’ was ‘true’. There is so much covert and overt deception penetrating the airwaves these days, it has been a bit crazy making. But have faith! As we are finalizing our travel through the ‘Age of Deception’ (the Piscean Age), the blinders are coming off! It may look ugly, but this is just a natural and necessary part of the collective alchemy that is upon us. Friendswe are still very much in the birth canal… try to stay open, flexible, and in faith. All things are happening as they should.



August 1st, 2022

So the saying goes anytime Uranus is involved…!

Most astrologers agree that this alignment, converging on July 31st/August 1st, is probably the most significant transit of 2022. So let’s break this down:

Uranus:‘The Lightening Bolt of Change in the Hands of Destiny’ is what I like to call it. Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius – so it is about EVOLUTION, progress, upgrades, the future…It is also the planet that rules REVOLUTION!Uranus brings with it the storm of awakening… it is here to shock us out of our sleepwalk… to poke and prod us to awaken out of the dream of illusion. To strip away the deceptions, the archaic conventions, and to liberate the ‘slave self’…at least while its rebellious influences are felt. 

Mars: The Warrior – or War – fire, aggression, activation and impatience. This Mars is not happy as it just had a very dark tango with Pluto a month ago that is at the last degrees of Capricorn- ruler of the ‘old guard’. The past vs the future is the battle, or perhaps the light vs the dark. Mars will fight for what it believes in, and it is coming into conjunction with Uranus, we may see sparks fly in the name of freedom, rebellion, truth, and liberation. 

The North Node: This power point in space represents our collective karmic future and when planets come into contact with it they take on the magnitude of an eclipse** 

Conjunction happening in Taurus: Taurus rules the earth, the monetary system, food, our bodies, and our values. 

Mars is like pouring gasoline on the Uranian lightening bolt. This energy is potentially explosive & destructive –or– potentially powerful enough to fuel you to your goals and new freedoms. However, with this happening in conjunction with the North Node, there is a sense that it is ALL destined to manifest. Sometimes things have to be shaken up in order to shake down the changes we need. 

Uranus also rules technology – there could be some massive breakthrough inventions in the realms of money, food, or energy. **There also could be some major breakdowns or crashes during this period. 

This exact conjunction has not happened since 1855 – this is quite rare and though it possibly could be volatile in some realms, simultaneously it could be, stimulating, accelerating and liberating in others! Breakdowns and breakthroughs will happen. There may be fireworks, volcanoes, massive leaps in consciousness – or all of the above!

Find where you have 18˚ Taurus in your birth chart is, to see where the opportunity for a quantum leap lies for you**.

So, take it easy and slow down around these days. This is also an accident prone alignment. People will be edgy, anxious, and irritable. The collective psyche is in a state of PTSD post 2020, as we are bombarded daily with more and more chaos. It is crucial that we hold the ‘long view’… that we are birthing a New World. And the old archaic one must desonctruct prior to the reconstruction. 

Breath, nature, compassion and awareness will go far. Attend to your embodiment. Your energy. Your frequency. Attune to natural rhythms. This is the way to navigate through the birth canal with least resistance and discomfort. Activating the lightbody will illuminate the way. And don’t forget to trust the process, everything is perfect and all is going as planned. 

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