Into the deep we go.. Scorpio Eclipse today!

The October 9th-Aries Full Moon officially opened the gates to the Eclipse Portal that will not close until the New Moon in Sagittarius November 23rd. This is a six-week sojourn into the unknown, as time & space become surreal. The ground begins to shift, shaking loose the places in out lives where stagnancy energy has taken root. Eclipse events are seen as fated, destined and aligned with karmic multi-lifetime material, often conspired through unexpected and earth-rattling events.

Eclipses come in pairs, and tomorrowOctober 25th we arrive at the first – landing at 2˚ Scorpio – the sign of the Dark-Mother & the underworld. This is a Solar Eclipse, therefor a New Moon – which occurs when the Moon obscures the light of the Sun.

Literally, ‘the lights go out’, which is why Eclipse seasons tend to have an air of intensity, because the energies accelerate, while our consciousness is temporarily suspended. Sometimes it takes a ‘storm of awakening’ to mobilize us in the proper direction according to the higher plan. (ie.. current global destabilization as we amidst in the birth canal of the between the ages). 

Of course, all things have a higher purpose, and the Eclipse season is here to wake us up where we might have fallen asleep at the wheel; and then to propel us forward on our Souls path. Both personally, and collectively.

This Eclipse has a strong relationship theme, as Scorpio rules deep alchemical soul-merging union, and it is also exactly conjunct Venus, the planet of love & money. In Scorpio season, we begin our descent into the underworld, and must face off with the shadow realm within and without. Don’t be surprised by unconscious material being slung around, or old ghosts to come a-knockin’…We can’t heal what hides in the darkness!

And this is a South Node Eclipse – which implies there is something dying, something that must be surrendered before we can move on.

Scorpio – reminds us that all things have a life span—even our pain body. Why carry around all that baggage? Shining the light in the darkness leads to freedom and space for deeper intimacy. 

When the Nodal Axis (destiny line) moved into Scorpio/Taurus, in January – we began to realize that as humanity, we are going to continue to face many ever-expanding extreme polarities in our daily reality, creating more of a collective existential anxiety. During the Eclipse seasons these energies climax. 

I think most agree we aren’t going (and don’t want to go) back to the ‘way things were’. I would argue, that most people do not truly grasp the magnitude of this monumental moment in evolution. Historically, when the Astrological Ages shift into a new sign, it is the ‘end of an era’, and often the ‘end of an empire’.

This is alot to metabolize while still punching the clock and taking care of the daily business, but it is very important that we do. Take time to let this set in, and orient ourselves for this passage ‘into the unknown’. 

If you have been following my work, you are aware I have been encouraging people to have ‘situational awareness’. To be aware that in this alchemical time, we must pare down, simplify, stock up on basic essentials – as we navigate the birth canal ahead. This Eclipse season feels as if the time has arrived to downshift and get organized, as between now and February-March when Pluto finally enters Aquarius – it is good to ‘expect the unexpected’.

However, just as important as the preparation for the death of the old – we must remember to CELEBRATE THE BIRTH OF THE NEW!! We have dreamt & discussed the arrival of this age for eons and it is now truly HERE! However, constructing the New Earth will take effort – as the very system we push against we are simultaneously extremely reliant upon… and it is calling all hands & hearts on deck! ❤️

This Eclipse offers an opportunity to transform and upgrade our values, to resist the temptation to gloss over what is happening, and to truly implement the new systems of connection and sustainability.

It also has the voltage to transmute and evolve our closest relationships. Some may find it’s healthy to let go of toxic energies and people, while others may experience a deeper level of Soul fusion with unbelievable bliss and depth! 

November 8th, (yes, Election Day!) will be the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus – exactly conjunct Uranus – ‘hold onto your skivvies!  ✨✨✨

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