US 2nd Pluto Return & Capricorn Supermoon!

MASSIVE week with far reaching implications has arrived as tomorrow – July 11th – is the USA’s 2nd exact “Pluto Return” ! The first conjunction was February 20th – which was when Russia first invaded Ukraine. 

Nations have astrology charts just like people do. The same way the Sun returns to where it was on your birthday, so all of the planets have ‘returns’. With power-hungry-shadow-God of the Underworld-Pluto, which has a 248 year orbital cycle; this is colossal! 

Essentially we look at the energies of the planet ‘returning’ to glean what themes will arise. When it is our solar return (birthday), it is a ‘rebirth’ of our ‘light’, and the expression of our essential self. However, when we are speaking of ‘Dark-Mother’ Pluto, we are faced with the underworld and all things ‘hidden’. 

Pluto returns elicit the ending of empires, the changing of guards, and the transfer of power. Now put this into the context of our emergence into the new 2150 year  ‘Age of Aquarius’ – and the path becomes more clear. The old world is dying. There is no ‘going back to the way it was’. The ‘way it was’ – was toxic, energy siphoning, and a complete illusion. The ‘power’ will now be in the people’s hands. But it will not be handed over easily therefor we must be prepared for this journey.

July 11th is the 2nd of three exact hits that will occur in 2022, which precedes Pluto’s official entry into Aquarius March 23rd, 2023. Astrology being a history of cycles, it is important to note that- the last time Pluto entered Aquarius, was the beginning of the American and French Revolutions. We are looking at a multi-year process of intense alchemy here friends. We must be awake during this time. We must meet the energies.

It is important to remember that a majority of ‘the work’  – is truly inside. The process of ‘awakening’ is individual, but the circuitry is hardwired into us. We must merely flip on the switches. And, we must trust what lies on the other side of this birth canal.

This is truly a time to celebrate! It is also a time to be in ACTION. We cannot birth the new paradigm while sitting idly in front of the tv or computer – watching the world from our couch. The very system we condemn, we are drastically reliant upon. WE must get out there and build the parallel sustainable systems. Link arms with our neighbors. Reunite ourselves with nature and remember the original codes of living in harmony with all her elements. 

Remember*…’We can’t have Summer without Winter’. And the new Spring will come…but we must buckle up, and be prepared – boots on the ground. *

The time for global transformation is NOW. The Age of Pisces is over, the epoch of time where the prevailing myth was a misconception of the separation of matter and spirit, of God and man. The Great Awakening’ is upon us and is igniting the remembrance of our unity, that we are truly one sacred organism. From this level of consciousness, all things will fall into place…

July 13th, 2022

Just two days following the US Pluto return, we arrive at the Supermoon at 21˚ Capricorn conjunct Pluto! Supermoons occur when the Full Moon is at it’s closest point to Earth in its orbit, appearing LARGER and energetically more POTENT.*

At every Full Moon as the Sun directly opposes the Moon, we are given the opportunity to assess the balance within our lives. Full Moons invite emancipation, that we may refine this dance between polarities. This month’s lunation, we are working with Capricorn, the sign of the mountain goat. This Earth sign is hardwired to climb incessantly towards the peak of whatever mountain it finds itself scaling. 

In balance, it incites great ambition, leadership, and success. Out of balance, this drive can easily tip over into workaholism, overriding our need for rest, nurturing, or just ‘being’ (Cancer polarity). 

Capricorn also rules the system, and is where Pluto has been hanging out since 2008 (the slow grind of transformation we have been speaking to). This Full Moon conjunct Pluto on the heals of the US Pluto return we might expect more of the decay process to be revealed in overt ways.*
Each Full Moon completes a six-month cycle that began when the Moon was new, in that same sign. You might peer back to January’s New Moon in Capricorn to assess what projects, goals, or ideas were planted, and perhaps celebrate your success! Or alternatively, it is a potent crossroads, to reroute your course. 

(How it may effect you personally)

Full Moon conjunct Pluto:  You may experience old sensitivities or complexes arise from deep within resulting in greater emotionality. This brings an opportunity to do some shadow work and incite healing. 

Full Moon opposite Mercury:  Be on the look out for some important information that relates to work, home, or family. You also may experience a squabble with someone close to you. 

Full Moon trine Uranus:  Flashes of insight, unexpected opportunities, or potent connections with significance. Heightened intuition and success in breaking habits or shifting stagnant relationship dynamics. Capricorn – ‘The Elder-Leader’ archetype is the keeper of universal law, karma, and wisdom – and rules over the structures of our lives. At this annual Full Moon culmination, it is the time to assess and to attend to any faulty foundations or lack of personal integrity, so that we may ensure we are firmly rooted for what lies ahead…

 Blessings, safety, and love to all~ ❤️

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