Heads up – the eclipses are coming!

It’s that time again folks! Every six months we arrive at the doorway of yet another Eclipse Portal which notoriously brings drastic change, course corrections. Many times it can bring a quantum leap on our evolutionary journey. Yee-haw! Round-n-around we go in this three-ringed circus of life — dying to merely be reborn — infinite beginnings with as many endings—waking up simply to drift off to sleep again, only to be reawakened once more! It’s a beautiful life, especially once we finally get the oft repeated punchline to the eternal cosmic joke – that there is ‘no-where’ to get to…it’s all about just enjoying the show in the moment, the one right in front of us!

Our first Eclipse arrives this Saturday, April 30th in the sign at 10˚ Taurus. This is a New Moon, therefore – Solar Eclipse, which happens when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun). So essentially we are talking about a massive time of new beginnings. We rebirth ourselves monthly with each New Moon but when it’s a Solar Eclipse – the implications of the changes ripple out for months and sometimes years into our life. 

Great news regarding this Eclipse is that it is carrying especially loving, creative, and abundant energies! Taurus, ‘Artist-Priestess’ archetype rules over all things of pleasure and beauty! The ruler of Taurus, Venus, is conjunct Jupiter at this time, which amplifies these energies…so love, creativity and money may be bountiful with the potential to birth new chapters in these arenas for the future. 

While Taurus is the Queen of luxury in many ways, this energy also is deeply connected to the earth, to our food and to our values. On a more somber note, there is no doubt that our food supply issue is only going to intensify — meaning, we need to take seriously the responsible preparation of such issues. So if you need a great intention for the Eclipse, start your garden! Or join a community garden! We shouldn’t think that we are out of the woods by any stretch, quite the opposite. We are just entering the global alchemical birth canal. Paring down and stocking up are not fear driven actions, they are use of our practical wisdoms, so that we can relax and focus on enjoying the time we have. Our immediate reality is still up to us!

There is one wild-card element to the equation- chaotic Uranus is conjunct this Eclipse which is often known as ‘the storm’, or I tend to call it “the lightning bolt of change in the hands of destiny”. Eclipses are already known to bring sudden change; but when adding Uranus to the mix, just hold onto your skivvies because the winds of change are about to get even more turbulent ahead!

Two weeks later, on May 16th, we will then arrive at the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, which will be at 25˚ Scorpio. Eclipses are always in opposing signs; and Taurus and Scorpio, in many ways, could not be more polar opposite. Where Taurus is all things life-giving, sustaining, lovely and pleasurable —‘Dark-Mother’ Scorpio, the Goddess of the Underworld, rules over all things we would rather avoid – shadow, wounds, letting go, and death. 

At first glance the Scorpio energies sound quite dramatic, which Scorpio can be, yet they are also an integral, natural and very significant part of life. “We can’t have summer without winter”  is my favorite saying to describe the integral relationship between the light and the dark, life and death. This process is how we regenerate, rebirth and evolve; and it is actually quite miraculous! The caterpillar turns to complete mush in the crystalis prior to emerging into its magnificent form of the butterfly. These processes replicate in every aspect of the natural world. Our emotional, psychic and spiritual lives are not excluded. 

Lunar Eclipses affect our emotional and psychic material, where Solar Eclipses have more to do with events and experiences. Sudden ruptures from the unconscious may feel destabilizing, but later prove to be healing, leading to a new level of freedom. At this particular Eclipse we may see a lot of unexpected shadow material arising very unconsciously. The grounds are quite unstable in the collective field, currently, due to the rapid state of evolution occurring. The eclipse season will only amplify this. Things accelerate – the good, the bad and the ugly. And with Scorpio, this is the dark of the dark. 

The impetus is the release, surrender and evolve. Learning to let go can be one of the hardest lessons in life; and owning one’s shadow is perhaps even more difficult. We are each charged with ‘cleaning our house’, if we ever want to see a better world. The world stage is merely a collective projection from the synthesis of humanity’s psychic state. No one is exempt. I have seen more and more shocking displays of ego distortions within the ‘conscious community’ since the collective jolt in 2020. Compassion for one another is essential; remembering we are one family, one organism, seeing each ‘other’ through the eyes of God.

If and when things get hard (Scorpio), reach for the opposite energies (Taurus)— beauty, simplicity, pleasure. Remember we are each fractals of the whole. It’s a delicate balance. We can’t bypass the shadow realm and avoid the hard work but we also don’t want to get lost or stuck there. 

And finally, the Taurus/Scorpio axis also rules our most intimate relationships. Taurus, reflects our relationship to ourself, while Scorpio is our deepest Soul-union with another. Shadow, sex, and Soul is the name of the game with this duo and the energies are amped up during this portal so expect a heightened level of intensity – some sublime, some terminating. Remembering the purpose or relationships are to assist our awakening is crucial when the ‘sacred mirror’ becomes cloudy or difficult to look into. This is a powerful time to rebirth, heal, deepen, and transcend individually, and together. 

Consider that everything right now is on God-speed. The work you do during this Portal journey may lead to a quantum leap forward in your life that is shockingly amazing! Monks believe that thoughts, actions and deeds take on 10,000 times their weight during an Eclipse period. Remembering how powerful we are, there could not be a more potent time to utilize our collective mind and heart to transmit loving healing thoughts and vibrations out into the world (especially to those caught in conflicts in Ukraine and Russia). The planets will be amping up in discord in May, yet we have a very powerful window right now to directly upgrade the vibrational field for best outcomes. 

If you wish to learn where these eclipses fall in your own chart, reach out for a reading. This specific information is invaluable at navigating the course. 

Blessings, safety, and love to all~

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