Pisces Full Moon Tonight!

Today the moon is full in Pisces- the archetype of “The Mystic”. Pisces rules the great mystery, the raw-wild-vast universe and all that is not of our control. The energy of Spirit, that infuses us with higher meaning and connection to all of life and beyond- or in contrast can cause existential anxiety due to its overwhelming vastness.
Pisces is the polar opposite of Virgo in the zodiac. As the moon is full in Pisces, the sun is traveling through Virgo. Virgo is the archetype of “The Soul-Mother”, the one who creates order out of chaos. “Chaos” meaning- Pisces, its opposite. As Pisces is the greater force and order of things- greater than anything man can control, Virgo attempts to bring this Divine energy to the planet to create perfection and order.
With the sun as well as the preceding new moon in Virgo, we have been busy little bee’s working hard to improve, purify, fix, and bring order to the many aspects of our lives. Now with this current Pisces full moon- we are summoned to swing to the opposite end of the pendulum and surrender some of our grip- allowing ourselves to relax and tune into the more subtle energies that surround us. Some ways of accessing this more sacred and creative energy include nature immersions, art, dance, meditation, swimming… even just going for a leisurely stroll. Basically dropping all the agendas for some moments- letting go of the ‘to-do list’ and allowing our more receptive sides to open, listen, feel, and connect.
And do expect a possible higher dose of emotionality.. The Pisces full moon is smack dab in between Neptune (its ruler) and Chiron- “The Wounded Healer”. This conjunction may very well give us another dip into our wounded- painful places in order to do another good layer of deep release and healing.
Pisces is the spiritual teacher – it is wanting us to slow down, let go, tune in, dissolve ourselves into our connection with all that is. How do you connect with this space? Do you make time in your life to connect with timelessness? What transports you there?
Today happens to be my birthday! I chose to spend it on a wonderful hike with my hubby, and as he handles dinner tonight, I plan to play with my kids in my art studio… painting, listening to music, and getting messy! (Such a necessity for us Virgos!)
I hope you all can also carve out some time to lose yourself in an experience that helps you re-member your divinity and connection to this gorgeous mystery* ~ If not today, setting your intention to do so in the near future, and as often as possible!
Abundant blessings!~

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