Equinox, Pluto Direct, Mercury Shadow and New Moon!

This is a huge week in the stars! Happy Autumn Equinox firstly! Today marks the official end of summer and the first day of fall.* The time when the days begin to grow shorter and shorter and the nights longer. The year is turning a corner and the tides of energy begin to slow and curl inwards.
Synchronistically, Pluto, the Goddess of the Underworld goes direct tomorrow. Pluto is fierce process of transformation, of turning lead to gold, of dying in order to be reborn. We see this as we look out the windows at the golden leaves- as they are preparing for the end of their cycle before they wither and drop back to the earth. We too, as Spirits in human bodies, go through this cyclic alchemical process on a deep Soul level. It is this very process that propels us further along our evolutionary journey and catalyzes us towards our greatness which is promised in the re-birthing phase of this process.
Pluto has been in retrograde motion since April….a time when we have been in the dark, stewing in our unconsciousness. Pluto rules all the parts of ourselves we’d rather forget. All our fears, our scars, our insecurities, our addictions- the places we hide, feel ashamed, and most necessarily need to heal. Pluto also resides over our deepest desires, as well as our secrets. We have been ruminating in the crevices of our beings, and tomorrow as Pluto goes direct- it is time to surrender oneself to the Truth and relinquish any and all of what decaying parts of ourselves are in question. If you have been knowing that relationship, that job, that substance is toxic to you- now is the time to let it go*. To take the action to sever and let die what has exhausted itself. This process can be painful and require time and space for proper processing, but we are called to trust this dance, as it is no different than the leaves falling from the trees with another turning of the wheel- and the outcome is one of greater empowerment and purpose.
And Wednesday, we begin a new lunar cycle with the New Moon in Libra! Simultaneously with the Equinox’s balance of light and dark, the Libran New Moon reminds us that life is but a never ending dance of balancing self and other, light and dark, give and take. Libra is the archetype of “The Lover”. The one who sees and knows beauty, who desires harmony, connection, peace. We all know this takes work and it is all too easy to fall out of balance in our lives. We give too much, eat too much, take too much, etc. With the end of summer most people are feeling a bit tapped out energetically, and with this Libran New Moon on the cusp of the Autumn Equinox, it is the perfectly aligned time to pull back in a bit, take a good look at where we may need to conserve our resources, slow down, seek our equilibrium. It is also the time to focus on those we love. Tuning in to the ebb and flow of energy in our relationships. Where are we in this dance?
And last, echoing these Libran and Plutonian themes, Mercury- the Messenger, entered its shadow phase Sept 13th and will be going retrograde Oct 4-26th. Mercury goes retrograde three times per year, and has the reputation for being quite the pain in the @*!, as all our technological dependencies become challenged, and we tend to get our communication wires crossed continuously. But as with all astrological events, there is a deeper, meaningful purpose. As reflected by its seemingly backwards motion in the sky, we too get the chance to look backwards (inwards) for a deeper look at ourselves. Mercury will be retrograding from Scorpio back to Libra… so here we are again with the themes of relationship, shadow, transformation and balance. Mercury rules our mental processor, how we ‘think’ about things, and how things are functioning in our lives. We will have the magnifying glass upon these areas of our lives, along with the forward moving Pluto as the base note, to amplify the areas that need our focused attention. This has been a huge year for relationships – Venus retrograde, Mars in Libra, the Nodes in Aries/Libra. The evolutionary push is for us to clean up this area of our lives, knowing that we can be WAY more powerful agents of change in the world once we are in balanced alignment with those in our lives. And, if not more importantly, the work that we do balancing the poles within ourselves, and within our relationships, reverberates out to assist in the collective balancing act that is in dire need.
I invite you utilize the powerful energies of the moment to initiate a change that will tip your own scales in the direction of more balance and harmony for yourself, your community, and for all!~
Happy New Moon!

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