Mars Direct. Finally!

Another big week in the Stars!* Venus, currently traveling in Aries, is conjunct Uranus- making its first quarter square to Pluto and activating the Grand Cardinal Cross. Although the Cross was exact on April 22nd, we are still very much in the energetic reverberations of this epic alignment.
Back in Dec/Jan when Venus was retrograde in Capricorn, we were invited deep into internal reflection upon our intimate relationships, our financial situations, and what we truly value in our lives. This also pertains to our relationship to ourselves, and the depth and truth of just how emotionally self-reliant and self-loving we are to ourselves. Now, as Venus approaches its first quarter square to Pluto in Capricorn, we are getting to put these reflections to the test.
As Venus has also been opposing Mars in the heavens (in one another’s ruling signs), we have had many opportunities to suss out the interplay between self and other, giving and receiving, and personal desires vs. other people’s needs. There has been a push-pull dynamic that is catalyzing our growth in these areas so that we may find balance (Libra) without compromising our personal truth (Aries). Co-operation, negotiation, and TRUE listening to the feedback from the environment have been the common denominators in most relationship dynamics. Mars wants to do it ‘MY WAY’ and Venus often gives too much and denies one’s own needs in order to ensure harmony. Mars is needing to learn to value and honor other people’s truth, while Venus is needing to learn to honor and stand in one’s own truth. This planetary polarity has invited much relational drama in order to fumble towards a new level of equality within our relationship lives. What a journey~!
Now, with Venus in conjunction to Uranus, we are getting the opportunity to see some of the results of this focus and hard work, and see an UPGRADE in our relationships. If one has been consciously engaging the work, and receiving the feedback from the relationship friction, then the outcome can be a higher form of relating that is much more honest, open, and balanced. However, be aware that more work may still need to be done, as the Cardinal Cross is still active, which means we must be honest about the areas of our lives that still need some attention.
This upcoming Monday May 19th, we should expect a HUGE shift of energy catapulting us FORWARD as Mars goes direct after its 2 ½ month retrograde period. Any time a planet is in retrograde, the area it rules is in question and reflection and it is a time of inward re-evaluation. Mars rules our willpower, our energy output, and our forward motion. With it retrograding for this L-O-O-O-N-G time, there has been a collective energetic drudgery. So many people have been complaining of feeling tired, unmotivated, dull. Other’s may have had unexplainable levels of anxiety as the Mars/Warrior energy has been turned inwards. This is why! It is as if our energy has been turned upside down on us. Although necessarily so! We have had the chance to question our energetic output- Why do we DO the things we do? Why are we in this job, relationship, routine? And, because it has been retrograding in Libra… Why do we do the things we do in our relationships? Or why are we even IN this relationship? Now, with Mars shifting forward, we get to implement all the AH-HA’S we’ve received.
The time is NOW to act. And we can expect to feel a shift in your energy overall, just in time for summer’s arrival…our vitality is coming back,YES! It’s been a long and especially intense year so far with back to back planetary retrogrades, and two eclipses sandwiching the Cardinal Cross! However, through the Evolutionary Astrology perspective, this is all beautifully necessary in order to continue to allow us to grow and progress along our personal and collective highest path. The work done over this passage is sure to pay off and we should expect to begin to see the fruition starting this summer.*
This overview pertains to the collective themes, however for more detailed guidance, knowing where these planets fall in your natal chart is necessary. If you would like to explore this in detail, contact me via private message to schedule a reading.
In gratitude~

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