New Moon and Mercury Rx in Aquarius; Re-Evaluate-Re-work-Realize; Rebel, Individuate, Actualize!!

Today begins another new lunar cycle in the sign of Aquarius. Aquarius is the sign of “The Idealist”, also called “The Awakener” or “The Rebel” and represents our utmost unique, eccentric, radical, wild, individualized Self. Stripped naked from the layers of social and familial conditioning, the truth of our deepest essence, what makes you-YOU despite what the herd may be doing, or what they may think of you. Aquarius is an air sign and rules the higher mind capacity. Tapping into our potential genius inside, is what allows us to stand apart from the crowd. Ruled by the planet Uranus, this energy pulls us UP and out of the mundane, hum-drum patterning of existence and infuses us with higher forms of energy which enable us to grow, evolve, move forward on our paths in positive directions~ essentially CHANGE for the better. We are all being called on this pilgrimage in order to ensure the sustainability of our Mother Earth, and life itself. Each one of us is direly needed to listen deeply to the call within, and courageously take action accordingly.
Aquarius also rules community, groups, and our friends. Once we are in tune with our unique and personal piece of the collective puzzle, we are called to bring our energies forth to align within the larger social structure, which will then make our power to transform, create, and problem solve *exponential.* Aquarius is the humanitarian, the one who understands that it takes a village.. and simultaneously, that we must all be personally responsible for our individual contribution (represented by the Aquarius polarity- Leo).
Tomorrow, Jan 21st, Mercury the sign of “The Communicator” and “The Messenger”, goes retrograde in Aquarius as well. We all know something about ‘Mercury Retrograde’… usually it is merely reflected upon as the time when nothing works! And yes, this is true in part. But the mechanics and technology that go haywire and that are responsible for running our lives, are merely an outer reflection of the internal processes that we run inside, that are ACTUALLY responsible for what we create and manifest in the outer world. Therefor there is a beautiful invitation during the Mercury Retrograde cycles to stop moving forward in the usual manner (which often slips into unconsciousness and repetitive patterning) and reflect upon our lives more deeply. To shine the light of awareness inward.. instead of always projecting towards the future. In this period, we have the opportunity to fine-tune our amazing mechanism of mind-body-spirit, so that when the retrograde cycle ends, we move forward with a renewed sense of our vision, intention, and goals. So basically during this particular Mercury Retrograde cycle in Aquarius, we will be re-evaluating the very same themes that I spoke of in conjunction with the New Moon.
Questions we may want to ponder during this time are:
What occupies my mental sphere?
Do I play repetitive negative or fear based messages to myself?
Who or what system has influenced you my basic ideals?
What resides inside of you that you may be hesitant to express, share, BE?
Are there any relationships in your life that are not serving you to be your best version of yourself?
Who is your tribe? Who are your true friends?
Do you disown parts of your truth to fit in?
What is your truest passion? How can you find a way to utilize it for the greater good?
Mercury will go direct again Feb 11th…so this time is wonderful to allow yourself to unplug a bit from your normal functioning and get curious about the deeper processing within. How are you running your life? Or is it running you? If that computer or phone isn’t cooperating with you at this time- Great! Put it down and go for a walk! Listen to the true voice of connection inside. Take a long drive in the country, book a spa day.. make time for the process of review, and it will surely bring renewal and a fresh upgraded vision of your life for this upcoming spring time of re-birth.
This experience called “life” is one continual process of becoming.. of re-membering the divinity and perfection of it all. We absolutely must prioritize the inward journey, in order to allow the natural current of life to flow through us unobstructed which will bring us to the awareness that will invite more joy, ease, and purpose into our experience.
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Thank you for reading and sending abundant blessings to you and yours~

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