Full Moon in Scorpio

This Wednesday the moon reaches fullness in the sign of Scorpio. The new moon two weeks ago was in Taurus, a time where we were all encouraged to plant seeds for new beginnings in the areas of self-care, self-love and emotional self-reliance. This inward focus was very much needed as we have been swimming in this time of emotional intensity as a result of the Cardinal Cross energy that has been building most of April and will continue on through the rest of May. There has been a collective feeling of ‘what next’, as we have all been experiencing unexpected twists and turns, exciting new beginnings, traumatic endings, relational dramas, and heightened emotional intensity- resulting in an energetic climate filled with a combination of excitement and anxiety for what the future may hold. We are still in this passage unable to see the destination and feeling thrown around as the evolutionary cards are reshuffled. This is a time where nothing is certain, and the message is, as the Hopi elders put so poignantly, ‘let go of the shore, and trust the flow of the river current’.
With this full moon in Scorpio, we are encouraged to get real about our process. What are the blocks to our depth and intimacy? Where do we leak our power, or control others with it? Is there another level to our sexual relating that could be uncovered, healed, released? As we are half-way through this lunar cycle, we are encouraged to dive deeper to reveal anything that may stand in the way of allowing the fruition of the intentions we set for ourselves on the new moon in Taurus. Where are we out of balance?
Relationship issues are currently at the forefront of our collective process, as Venus in Aries opposes Mars in Libra. There is a bit of a standoff here as they are each in one another’s ruling signs, essentially catalyzing us to continue to excavate how we can find true balance between the give and take that is the dance of relating. Some may need to give more, and become less self-focused. Others may need to step back some in order to regain balance within themselves. We all swing along this pendulum, and sometimes back and forth- Do you know where you fall upon this spectrum? The ultimate calling here is for true intimate co-operation and inter-dependence.
So the invitation for this full moon residing in the sign of transformation, is to let go and surrender to what stands in our way to true intimacy, balanced relationship to Self and other, and living a life of depth and truth. Now is the time to stand in your emotional authority, get clear about your values and priorities, and not fear looking in the crevices of the shadowy places, we all have them!
This is a beautiful prelude to the huge energetic shift that is coming May 19th as Mars will go direct after being retrograde since March 2nd. There has been so much internal pressure as the planet of action and forward movement has been moving in reverse, begging us to evaluate how, with whom, and where we run most of our energy. We have been in a time of questioning our deepest desires and motivations for the output of our energy, and this full moon we have the opportunity to release any aspects that are clearly not in alignment with our highest truth.
Expect a huge release and propelling of forward motion to leap us toward summer, which looks a lot lighter and brighter than what we have been experiencing this year thus far. The results of all the hard work and transformation will then begin to reveal itself and continue throughout the fall~ Hallelujah!!
Blessings to all,
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