Total Full Moon Lunar Eclipse TOMORROW!

November 8th, 2022

4:59am CT


If any of you have been feeling heavy, anxious, or just even a little bit – ‘off’, you are not alone. It means that you are highly tuned in. We have been deep in the ‘dragon’s hole’, which is the liminal space between two eclipses that effects the collective energetic field in some strange ways.

October 25th was the Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse. And tomorrow Tuesday, November 8th the Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse arrives. This is a time where ‘the grounds are shifting’ and the fabric our lives transform at rapid pace.

The ‘disappearance of the light’ which occurs during an eclipse, is a reflective phenomena of the shadow realm erupting, forcing us to deal with things that have been dormant, avoided, or repressed. Eclipse season occurs twice a year and is a ‘quickening’ of the personal and collective Soul evolution. It tends to carry with it an air of surprise and intensity.

Often these potent passages bring extraordinary opportunities, and/or certain dreams to fruition! Things that seem to ‘come from nowhere’ but are the manifestation of your inner ‘dream-seeds’ sent you into the universe in the past. And once landing in your reality they take on a significance for the coming months or years ahead!


This Eclipse is know as a ‘Blood Moon’. This occurs when the Earth’s Moon is in a ‘total’ Lunar Eclipse (as opposed to a partial), giving it a ruddy-red hue that is quite something to see. In central time, the maximum point is at 4:59am – and definitely worth getting up for!

A lunar eclipse occurs when the Sun (consciousness) and the Moon (emotional realm) become diametrically opposed. This moment marks the end of their relationship cycle, which began in the prior eclipse seasons). This encourages us to examine habits and unconscious patterns in our lives, identifying what we need to release in order to evolve. Sometimes these dynamics erupt forcefully as the energies are surging rapidly.

As this eclipse arrives in the sign of Taurus, we are being tested and supported to revise areas where we might have been absorbed with material and physical gratifications, such as money matters or sensual desire. As we travel deeper into the death-and-rebirth canal between eras, all signs keep reminding us how dire it is that we see where we may be too ‘attached’ to our comforts and personal pleasures creating inertia which impedes the forward momentum of evolution upon us. Essentially, we are being asked to examine the contrast between ‘want’ and ‘need’.

Relationships are also under the microscope when dancing with the Taurus/Scorpio axis with themes of sexuality, trust, commitment, honestly and attachment are highlighted. Toxic behaviors may emerge forcing us to heal and transform, or surrender and let go completely. Scorpio energy destroys so that it may rebirth. No area of life is exempt.

Without a doubt, the world is coming under the acute tightening and pressure on nearly every level, as further vestiges of the old age die away and next begins to take form. However, it is important that we realize the different parts of the decay process will take months, years and even decades to complete the metamorphosis. We can’t know every event or see all of the details of the future timeline, yet we must recognize the scale and magnitude of the events happening around us now. There is no going back; there is only one way forward – through.

This Taurus Lunar Eclipse reminds us the importance of becoming self-reliant, and beginning to resource locally: support local farming, utilizing locally produced energy, and begin to connect more intimately with our communities. Being ‘in community’ doesn’t mean we have to live in an eco-village. It just means we need to connect more directly and intimately to the community in which we live; and to begin organizing a more sustainable reality.


This eclipse include an extra dose of electricity (and potential) instability as it is exactly conjunct Uranus – ‘the lightening bolt of change in the hands of destiny’.. or more commonly known as ‘the storm’. The storm comes and destroys the old, wakes us up where we might have fallen asleep at the wheel, and redirects our course. This additional element just adds another dose of the old adage ‘expect the unexpected’! But always good to keep in mind that, Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius – so it wants us to upgrade, progress & evolve.. so trust the process!

And yes, this eclipse falls on Election Day! With ‘shocking Uranus’ in the mix – not to mention that it is exactly opposing Mercury (information, news, commerce) in Scorpio (hidden or secret) – we might just be in for another doozy of an election! This eclipse touches into the long phase struggle between Uranus (future) and Saturn (past); and may just tip the scales!

Expect emotions to be running high until the eclipse gate closes at the New Moon in Sagittarius November 23rd, but remember that the work that is done and which becomes intentionally embodied, can create quantum leaps in your personal growth & evolution!

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