Grand Cardinal Cross

The Grand Cardinal Cross that reached its exact alignment last week on April 23rd (though we are still very much in the energetics of it) was sandwiched between two eclipses. As if this wasn’t enough intensity!! Just after midnight tonight will be a Solar Eclipse in Taurus. This eclipse will not be visible to us in the U.S. but will be felt nonetheless! Eclipses always come in pairs, on the full and new moons, and are considered a re-boot of consciousness. In ancient times there was fear surrounding the eclipse, as if it were a time of doom and gloom. The truth of this is that during this unique alignment of the luminaries, the disappearance of the light is destabilizing for the Ego due to the rate and complexity of the energy and information coming down from a higher source that is too much to be integrated all at once. This is why we can feel off kilter, highly emotional, and overwhelmed during this time. It is a portal time, and huge evolutionary shifts take place at a rate that is difficult to integrate. It is common that we see the bigger picture later when looking back in retrospect to what transpired during the eclipse window. A change of directions, new beginnings, endings, creative leaps and breakdowns are common- with the purpose of accelerating our alignment with our evolutionary path.
The first eclipse of this cycle was the Full Lunar Eclipse in Libra which occurred on April 15th. This New Moon Eclipse had us all questioning how and who and why we are in the relationships we are? Libra, ruled by Venus, relates to our relationships and seeks balance, harmony, and peace at all cost. However Mars is also currently retrograde in Libra which rules Aries, Libra’s opposing sign, and is the archetype of the independent Warrior…he is up for a battle at any time! Mars is also one of the four points in the Grand Cardinal Cross, igniting us to take ACTION in all the areas of our lives that need it.* With the eclipse also falling in Libra, the pressure has been building in this arena…places where we have been passive, asleep, or negligent are now culminating and the pressure is forcing the exposure in order for transformation to occur.
Do we give ourselves away? Do we run over the our partners? Are we speaking our truth in relationship? Are we compromising and truly listening to our partners? Are we single but truly long to be in partnership though need to make some alterations to ourselves in order to meet another? Is our relationship really fulfilling and growing? This Full Moon Eclipse in Libra amps up all these dynamics, bringing fire to the table to burn off any areas in which we have been off-balance, and catalyzing us to adjust our mode of relating to a more balanced approach that is of truth and integrity. Many partnerships that have been hanging on by a thread are likely to finally make the break during this time.
Tomorrow’s eclipse is the New Moon Solar Eclipse and it is in Taurus which is also ruled by Venus. However rather than relating to our relationships with others, Taurus relates to our relationships with ourselves. As we have been sifting through all the debris of our relationships with others, the focus now shifts to the root of our relational dynamics, and how we truly care for, love, nourish, and relate to ourselves. We have all heard the saying, “you can’t truly love another until you truly love yourself”, well, this is the crux of this eclipse.
This Taurean time of the year is also when we start to get outside and feel our feet on the earth again, plant the flowers, smell the air. It is a time of awakening to our senses again after the long winter’s nap. This coming back to life of our Mother Earth, also pertains to the tending to and nurturing of our own physical bodies. To the degree that we love and nourish ourselves, are we able to truly give and receive that love with another.
Taurus and 2nd house also rules our security, our resources, and our values. Getting real about our relationship to money and how it effects our inner security is also an important theme of this eclipse. Are we staying in a stagnant job or relationship due to fear of financial insecurity? This grasping will prevent us from growing, and cause an energetic blockage that can lead to dis-harmony. Are we settling for less because we are scared to take a risk? The bottom-line message of the Grand Cardinal Cross is to take the leap! We don’t live in a time where security is defined the way it used to be. We are all called to live our lives from a place of passionate truth, integrity, creativity and passion that is in alignment with the good for all!
Asking ourselves these hard questions is the invitation right now.* Letting go of the old patterns that have outworn themselves that keep us from our utmost vitality, and planting seeds for our inspired-creative-potential! Opening ourselves up to new opportunities, higher vibrations, freedom from the restrictions of the past! We are so amazingly blessed to be able to be reborn, time and time again. Starting over, releasing the old. During this Lunar Eclipse- Super New Moon.. take the time to slow down, take more baths, more walks, stop and smell the flowers, listen to the wind. This is when the wisdom of your Soul can truly speak to you. This is how we tune into the path that is laid out before us. It is always there, we just have to listen, and respond.
Blessings during this potent and powerful time~ Shannon

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