The current ECLIPSE PORTAL opened with the fiery Full Moon in Aries which ushered in a quite surreal shift of energies expanding from dark to light and all in between (such as the times), and wont close until November 13th!  

Eclipse season is our twice a year opportunity to make evolutionary leaps out of patterns or land exciting new prospects and opportunitiesbut also is a time when ‘the gates are open’and many people cross, we suffer unexpected change and may be momentarily suspended in chaos as the higher forces reshuffle the cards of our lives. 

This particular Eclipse season RELATIONSHIPS are under the microscope and we are being called out of the old paradigm of blame, projection, and division, and to see through the ‘eyes of the Universe as to what our inner geometry is pulling in from the outside in order to WAKE us up! 

Russell and I create multi-dimensional presentations at these power points in the year and host events locally to share ‘the story of the stars’ so that people may work CONSCIOUSLY with evolution, and for the first time we have recorded this and are making it available for YOU TO RECEIVE THE SAME DOWNLOAD IN THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME! 

In this 1.5 hour presentation you will learn: 

– What in fact this ‘shift of the Ages‘ is truly about, when it happened, and what it is requiring of us

– What the signs are of still being locked in the ‘Age of Pisces’ & how to WAKE UP

– What is the relationship between the ‘shift of ages’ and the ‘shift of dimensional states‘?

– How frequency, vibration, and joy are secret codes to unlocking the 5th dimension

– Why Pluto entering Aquarius this year implies the death of our nation as we know it

– How this time we are in is the prophesied time of the ‘apocalypse‘ but what that really means…

– Why we may anticipate more war and destabilization during this and how what is transpiring in Israel is part of the prophesies 

– What is alchemy & how it is the crucial knowledge to not just survive, but thrive in this epoch time in evolutionary history

– Why Libra is the ‘sacred mirror’ and leading edge to ascension

– How the ‘shadow of Libra’ is contributing to collective suicide

– Why Libra, Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn will be more affected during this eclipse cycle

– How the ‘original wound’ is perpetuated in the collective consciousness over and over

– What is the new paradigm of relationships and how is it different from the conventional? 

– How we may be contributing to the decay of our world unknowingly due to Taurus shadow material and addiction to convenience and comfort

– How ancients viewed eclipses, and how YOU are able to make quantum leaps in your evolution, life, goals and dreams!

– Why it is important to slow down, lay low, and tune into subtly and nuance during and eclipse portal

– How humanity is in a labyrinth, now approaching a ‘gate’, and how to unlock and go through….! 

And SO MUCH MORE! Most of you if reading my newsletter have had sessions with me, and know how I love to share knowledge, simply reflecting ‘you back to you’... Im so excited to be sharing with you for the first time, some of my deeper teachings and love of the intersection of cosmos, art, & music for a full mind/body/spirit activation!

AS THE NATIVES SAY… ‘WE HAVE ARRIVED AT THE LAST HOUR’.. it is time for humanity to take the reins and steer the course of the creation of the New Earth! 


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