Autumn Equinox Blessings…We’re half way home!

We arrive tomorrow, September 23rd, at the poignant moment in the turning of the wheel where the season of ‘light and expansion’ concludes, and we begin our ‘journey of descent’ into the dark of winter. This Equinox point where night and day meet in equality as our central Sun sits directly over the Earth’s equator, we are invited to remember, thus embody- the ‘as above so below’ awareness. Here, the inquiry becomes… “What is my current relationship to balance and how do I dance with duality?” 

At this Equinox moment the Sun leaves Virgo and enters Libra. The zodiac is divisible into two halves psychologically, and with Libra, begins the second half. This is the midpoint between the individual self and the Greater Self, between the material and the spiritual. The path of involution begins from Libra. Here we prepare for the long way back home. 

Libra, a brief interlude, requires us to walk the ‘razors edge’ path of opposites promising the heavenly fruits to those who attain such neutrality. “Be ye in the world, but not of it” exemplifies what I understand from my background in Buddhism, to walk the “Middle Path”. (Yes, I have 3 planets in Libra).This Equinox moment begs us to consider where our awareness resides when considering these realms:










The more we see through the eyes of duality, the longer we prolong the ‘amnesia’ of the Pisces Age, essentially perpetuating the original wound – the illusion of separation. Practicing ‘neutrality’ in contrast, opens the door to pure consciousness. 

Relationship dynamics present us with the platform where we find most of this dramatic interplay. We should anticipate an amping up of opportunities to explore the complexity that comes in this domain, not just merely due to the arrival of Libra season, but also because the Eclipse Portal is just days away and these powerful lunations will be falling in the signs that rule our relationship to ourselves, one another, and the world at large

Venus, the ruler of Libra, also just completing her every-other-year retrograde cycle, has served up the themes we will be revisiting, and as with all Eclipse seasons, massive changes and reshuffling to be expected. 

Dates to note: 

September 29th: Aries Full Moon – ECLIPSE GATE OPENS

October 14th: Libra Solar Eclipse

October 28th: Taurus Lunar Eclipse

November 13th: Scorpio New Moon – ECLIPSE GATE CLOSES 

So, at this Equinox threshold as we are suspended for a brief moment in time between the seasons, the invitation is to pause and reflect. According to the “Mc Pherron Effect”, around the time of the Equinoxes as the Earth and Sun’s magnetic fields come into direct alignment, more of the solar wind is able to penetrate the magnetosphere and our capacity to receive solar activations and downloads becomes enhanced and accelerated. The separation of the levels of consciousness on the planet is becoming more vast, and highly accelerated. Prioritizing our inner work is no longer an option. 

“These are the best of times, and these are the worst of times” could never be more true. The “Kingdom of Heaven” is truly within, as is the ‘hell realm’. The density of 3D reality is increasing as the as the collapse of the archaic structures continues ubiquitously. Committing to our spiritual practice, refining our temple, and cleaning ‘the mirror’ of all illusions are all requirements to pass to the next level. With fall upon us, it is the perfect time to practice the art of surrender.

With Eclipse season just days away, I always like to offer a ‘love discount’ as it is invaluable to know where the Eclipses will land in your chart, as this is where the magnified change will be occurring… If you would like to drop into a session just plug in coupon code: GIFT-15% in checkout for the discount to be deducted and I will look forward to diving in with you soon! 

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2 thoughts on “Autumn Equinox Blessings…We’re half way home!”

  1. I tend to call it edge walking, exploring the duality and attempting to make it a 50-50% on both levels of consciousness grounded in the concept of pure surrender. It is a balance to me that feeds my spirituality and creates a peace and love for all.
    Thanks Shannon.

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