What’s In Store for 2024?!

Greetings amazing people and hello 2024! 

 While I don’t fully align with January 1st being the ‘true New Year’, as we are still in the depths of our winter underworld journey in the northern hemisphere, I do feel it warrants acknowledgment as any moment with so much collective focus. So, if you are like many and don’t quite feel it’s ‘off to the races’ yet, allow yourself to trust and follow your inner biology and continue with periods of extended rest, reflection, and contemplation as the ‘true New year’ is still a couple months from now at the Spring Equinox.

 However, I do wish to share some highlights with you, of some of the themes of this upcoming 12 year journey. But, before I dive into these, I have some extremely exciting news to share! 

I have been in practice now for a decade and along the path so many of you have inquired about studying with me and I have been saying for years now that ‘we are building our school’….’it’s coming’… ! Well…I’m sure you can imagine how thrilled I am to share that 2024 is the year this baby is birthed… Russell and I have officially launched our school – ASTRAM ALLIANCE & ACADEMY – and will have various offerings throughout the year, both online AND In person! Our first online class is on the ‘Sacred Codes’...this the intersection of astrology and the Bible, “The Untold Story of Christ Consciousness thru the Zodiacal Ages”.It is a 4 part class and the 1st class is FREE and a mind-blowing movie that Russell created to help decode mysteries connected to this massive time in history in which we find ourself. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to see this 1st lesson free as it is only for limited time *

And if you have had sessions with me, you probably are aware how much I love to share knowledge. There is nothing more satisfying to me than to empower you to learn this magical ‘language of light’ that unlocks codes within and without. 

This year we will also start hosting  ‘New Earth Astrology Camps’ which will be 4 day immersions into astrology but infused with yoga, dance, swimming, stargazing and magic in the Texas Hill Country on the Guadalupe river. There will be the option of rustic camping or cabin bunking style beds with limited capacity. This will be a very special year as it is our ‘seed planting’, if you wish to be considered for these immersions please respond to this email and I will send you the dates. 🌟

With the first New Moon of the year in Capricorn (Jan 11th) I send each of you bright blessings for the journey ahead, it’s going to be one for the history books no doubt! And as always…it is my deepest joy and gift to dive into your own Cosmic Blueprint, so I will look forward to seeing many of you hopefully soon to map out your journey for the year ahead ~ ❤️Shannon

2024: 2+0+2+4 = 8

This an ‘8 year’ which is the ‘STRENGTH’ card, one of the major arcana most powerful of the tarot cards. This card reflects to us that 2024 we will be called to find our STRENGTH, and not merely physical strength. 

The message is that we will be required to find internal – mental and spiritual– strength, as the journey ahead will likely present obstacles and challenges and that we will need the internal focus, fortitude, and endurance for what may come. 

 The beast on the tarot card also implies we may need to have the strength and dedication to overcome some of our own less holy habits, desires, or patternsand that in order to be successful on the path we may need to slay the dragons within (and yes it is a dragon year as well!)

But you see that the woman on the card tames with love and with compassion – not with brutal force or condemnation. This feels important for our own evolution, but also to apply towards the destructive forces we see playing out on the planet. For it is love, compassion, and forgiveness that we must apply towards those lost in violence and destruction, or else we ourselves are feeding the very monster we are attempting to pacify. 


The biggest astrology transit OF OUR LIFETIME arrives on January 20th as Pluto, ‘The Dark-Mother’ force enters 0˚ Aquarius holding hands with the Sun! The magnitude of this ingress is monumental in itself, but side by side with, and on the same day as the Sun as an amplifying force, echoes this as a historical moment marking this time of civilizations most extraordinary and radical leaps in evolution! 

Pluto’s last full entry into Aquarius 248 years ago, was the beginning of American & French Revolutions, and well friends, here we stand again! But this time the revolution may resemble a sci-fi movie, as Aquarius rules technology, space, humanity and our ascension! Some of the scenes from this ‘movie called – Life’,  could include alien arrival, colonization of space, AI explosion, digital currencies – and yes I know many of you are saying ‘this is already here’…and you are right! – We truly have arrived at his radically, often bizarre, departure from convention and the big question is, where will we go from here!?

From my perspective, we will go, where we CHOOSE to go, as a collective mind. This ups the ante on our full participation to get onboard, to unhook from the illusion of separation and the program of powerlessness, and to be go throttle into the INITIATION of the Weaving of the New Earth Grid!  

However, we must also be prepared –for Pluto always summons the shadow. Technocracy, AI takeovers, loss of our identity with a digital control system, and trans-humanism are also possible timelines. WE the PEOPLEmust harness the power & creative life force to lead the revolution back to sacredness, sustainability, with peace & harmony for all!

Know where 0˚- 2˚ Aquarius falls in your chart. This is where your own revolution needs to take place!


February 20th ushers in the Chinese Lunar New Year of the Wood Dragon! The Dragon is the most powerful and vital creature in the Chinese Zodiac, carrying supernatural powersexpressed as bold, trailblazing, enthusiastic, and often dramatic leadership energies masterful at the manifestation of spirit into matter!

This energy is connected to Aries, which is the pioneering creative force that catalyzes all of life. This year ware being summoned to constellate and participate in a mythical journey unlike no other, ascending into 5th dimensional reality and living out our greatest dreams… knowing however, it will require bravery, strength (8 tarot card) and fearlessness, and there will be challenges upon the way. 

Dragons are wild, and can sometimes be uncouth… but the motivation of their fiery spirits are usually for the greater good. Being mindful of our tongue will be wise and necessary. The ‘wood’ element represents rapid growth, though not ungrounded thus to navigate with great wisdom and patience.

2024 is the year to remember we are MAGIC and make things happen that we have been dreaming into form for years!


Our first ‘eclipse season’ will be March 10th-April 23rd  – falling along the axis of Libra/Aries (war & peace). The April 8th Full Solar Eclipse in Aries is a set to be a historical event, as the United States is in the path of totality. Right here in the heart of Texas, we are in the 100% visibility zone to experience 4 minutes of darkness during the climax of the event. 

This is a monumental energetic moment on the planet to shift the scales away from the escalation of war and destruction, to peace, cohesion, and unity. I will be writing much more as we get closer, but I am sending out my personal invitation to each of you to consider joining us for this amplification of love, connection, harmony and joy to be launched out into the collective field at our 4-Day ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ Symposium & Revival just outside of Austin/Dripping Springs in the beautiful hill country. <>


April is the most powerful month of the year due to two things: The Total Solar Eclipse in Aries, and then less than 2 weeks later, the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus at 21˚Taurus. These two planets align about every 13 years, but they haven’t aligned this way in Taurus since 1940/41, shortly before the U.S. entered WWIIJupiter:  Our largest planet, ruler of Sagittarius – ruling over our beliefs, philosophies, ideologies and the expansion of consciousness bringer or the energies of hope, faith, buoyancy and optimism.Uranus:  A modern ‘co-ruler’ of Aquarius — rules the highest mind, our antennae to the future, progress, innovation, evolution and the storm of awakening. These two colliding may bring sudden dramatic awakenings, liberations, opportunities, change of fortune, and transformative breakthroughs!  Of course it is always necessary to consider there is a spectrum of light and shadow with all aspects, the shadow could be psychic schisms, massive storms, or explosions of all kinds.Due to these planets aligning in Taurus, this refers to the physical: our bodies, our economics, our creativity, and our earth herself. Knowing where this falls in our chart is invaluable for timing/alignment of your plans, goals & dreams! 

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