July Astrology: Capricorn Full Moon & Venus rx…Are you in Alignment?!

BIG MONTH in the cosmos my friends! July 3rd Capricorn Full Super-Moon exposes anywhere we may be out of integrity or alignment as we glance back the past 6 months into the infrastructure of that which has been under construction!

As within, so without ~ Saturn and now Neptune retrograding amplifies where we may have been cutting corners, falling asleep, or just innocently distracted, however our current day reality elicits ‘instant karma’ therefor won’t let us get by with a thing!

And just in time for our Queen of the heavens Venus to enter her pre-retrograde shadow… pay attention as the mirror has already begun to reveal the thematics of the next 2 month journey in the underworld dance of self and other… July has even more goodies in store but here are a few to explore in the meantime!

3 thoughts on “July Astrology: Capricorn Full Moon & Venus rx…Are you in Alignment?!”

  1. Wow, thank you Shannon! I sensed I was feeling a major shift, especially in this full moon’s energy. So much of what you shared makes sense in what is going on in my life right now. I look forward to July unfolding and your next post.
    Love and light xx

    1. Tina!! What an amazing surprise to hear from you I love it! Thank you for tuning in and yes July is massive, and more important aspects I will be sharing about soon! Sending much love to you sister! 🌹

  2. In my life, major relationship stuff has come up and is wreaking havoc. I hope that as we move through this Venus retrograde period, what needs to be revealed and healed will come about. As always, I love your perspective and how you nudge us in a direction to extend generosity and care to ourselves as we coordinate our personal paths with the larger energies at work. Thank you for sharing your insights,

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