2022 ~ Choosing the New adventure!


Happy New Year Season Cosmic Travelers!

I know… it’s almost February now! The months of January & February hold the dates for most cultures around the world to honor various New Year cycles and traditions! So far it’s been a bit of a whirlwind over here in Texas, as we have moved twice in recent months amidst the holidays and all the usual plates in the air!

Tomorrow, January 31st, we arrive at the New Moon in Aquarius where we are charged to amp up our revolutionary intent, get crystalline-clear of the future world we are banding together to create, and prepare for the journey ahead. It is also the Moon to liberate yourself from anywhere in your life you are holding onto archaic programs, spiritual amnesia, and most certainly to unplug from the incessant fear-porn propaganda that is all pervasive at this time. 

THANK YOU SO MUCH to those of you who have reached out and appreciated my content and my work recently! It makes it very worthwhile to get feedback that it is serving to others! 🙏 Anyone at anytime, may drop me an email in response to these blogs and webinars. And please feel free to ask questions, or even requests areas where you would like to find out about!

So!! How is 2022 feeling so far?! Feels to me a bit like a ‘false start’ in some ways as we emerged through the gates of the NY with Venus AND Mercury retrograde! I suppose it’s good to just reboot our relationships and overall operating systems right out of the gate, but I don’t know about you, but I’m already counting down to spring!

2022 has ALOT in store. January feels a bit like ‘the calm before the storm’ in some ways, and that is not to scare you, just to prepare you for fast moving currents that are emerging.
The GREAT news is, that this year, more than ever, we will get to ‘choose our own adventure’!

The shift in dimensional reality is now at our fingertips . We will get to decide and to align with the level of consciousness that we so desire. As the 3D reality will continue to deteriorate, we simultaneously arrive at the threshold of a ‘frequency-frontier’. With focused intention and precision of our minds & thoughts, we may live in an extra-ordinary expanded state of awareness (staying out of the chaos!) where we will be able to create, facilitate and reside in the cosmic playground of unlimited creative potential. Its time to begin to truly design the New Heaven on Earth!

Russell and I walk through the pertinent astrology aspects of 2022, month by month on our favorite podcast – “Beyond the Illusion”- and you may tune in by clicking HERE:

Here are some highlights of what is covered (we also share navigation tools!): 

  • THEME: The theme for 2022: “There’s a storm coming. Get prepared.” 
  • ACCEPTANCE:We need to accept that The Shift naturally involves a process of death and rebirth in order for us to evolve.
  • ACCELERATION: We’re moving out of the Pisces Age of Illusion (listen to Shannon’s in-depth explanation of the Astrological Ages here). There’s acceleration this year of “The Blinders Coming Off.”
  • POLARITY: In 2022, the Best and the Worst will be happening at the same time. hanges need to happen. It’s up to us where we focus.
  • ADVICE: for this year: “Simplify, conserve and consolidate.” Less is more.We need to stop thinking this is going to go away anytime soon. Instead learn to ride the waves as things accelerate.
  • DISCERNMENT: Illusion will be thick this year, requiring us to master our discernment.
  • MAJOR SHIFTS: The nodal shift into Taurus/Scorpio creates a new backdrop for this year.
  • PERSONAL NAVIGATION: We can manage the Scorpio South Node themes of destabilization/chaos and revealing more of the shadow by engaging in Taurus North Node energies of being in our body, creativity, art, music, dance, simplifying.
  • POSSIBLE SCARCITY: Possible food supply chain issues, loss of resources will beocme more likely (again) in many areas….
  • GET READY: Window of opportunity when all planets are direct: February 3 – April 29
  • U.S. REBIRTH BEGINS: February US Pluto Return: We’re going to go through a massive Revolutionary energy.
  • FIRE CRACKERS‘: Mars is hitting the outer planets during Spring and Summer bringing fiery energy, eruptions.
  • NEPTUNE FLAVORED: Why does I consider the Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction to perhaps be the most significant aspect of the whole year?
  • STAY ALERT: Beware the shadow aspect of Pisces and Neptune: escapism, addiction, spiritual bypassing, overdose.
  • NATURE’S PULSES: Possibly more natural disasters, particularly with the water element.
  • POSITIVITY: Stay focused in the many positive ways you can experience simple joys. Utilize these opportunities to awaken and level up this year


HAPPY Chinese New Year!

The Chinese New Year always begins with the 2nd New Moon of the calendar year, which is tomorrow- Jan 31st! Here are some traits of 2022’s animal totem!

  • Bravery, courage, will power
  • Leadership via logic, determination, spontaneity, motivated to help others function higher
  • Massive change, some will lose fortunes while others gain power
  • Those who may overcome fear and willing to risk will receive great gains
  • Water = all kinds of changes
  • Discreteness… not standing out… be stealth and learn the art of shapeshifting* 

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