solar Eclipse December 4th

How is everyone doing?!

The grounds are shifting and energies in flux as we find ourselves now sandwiched between the two major Eclipses. Usually arriving in pairs, we had the first Eclipse November 19th at 27˚ Taurus. This was a Full Moon, therefor ‘Lunar’ Eclipse which delivered an emotionally charged culminating energy that marked the end of a large cycle in our life. In Taurus, we were being asked to look at our attachments, our security, and what we find of most value in our lives. At this threshold we stand in our evolutionary history, we are being asked to pare down, conserve, consolidate, and find connection to the simple and natural world and pleasures. Letting go is going to continue to be a requirement and what that looks like for you may be found when looking at the ‘house’ that you find 27˚ of Taurus.

December 4th we will arrive at the New Moon- Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. This will be the final Eclipse in Sagittarius of the series over the past 1.5 years, and will not occur again until 2029. With the South Node in Sagittarius as well, we are looking at our collective shadow, pertaining to our intrinsic belief structures. Take a scan back to May of 2020 until now, and presence the journey we have been on in the realm of knowledge, information, data, communication, propaganda and the current- extremely polar – narrative. People divided, out of fear, holding the death grip on their ‘version of reality’… ie: their belief system.

It’s been rough! Not knowing WHAT to believe. Learning how extremely censored and controlled our news channels have become (and always have been). We have been forced to reach higher, to lean into our intuition. And if doing the highest work, seeing the entire drama with a level of compassionate detachment knowing on some level it is all illusory anyway. 

This December 4th Solar Eclipse we reach the climax. The graduation moment. Where do you stand? What do you believe, and where will you point your arrow moving forward? We have the opportunity to choose a new adventure. To continue to surrender to this necessary and natural alchemical global process we are in, trusting that this is the ride we signed up for, as agents of the New Age! How else could we ‘die to the 2000+ year ‘Pisces Age of darkness and duality’, and birth the ‘New Aquarian Age of Light!?’ We KNOW that we evolve through the very natural process of death and rebirth, we just happen to be experiencing it as a human race, all together at once! 

Intense? Yes! Exciting? YES!!

We aren’t’ ‘going back to how it was’ and we DON’T WANT TO! The age of corruption and patriarchal domination is over, we are NOW birthing the new paradigm, living in the One Mind awareness- which requires the ‘revealing’ of all the misaligned structures so that we may bring reform on all levels.

So this Eclipse season we are catalyzed to let go of unnecessary attachments, resisting the tendency to ‘check out’, assessing our essential values, and reprogramming our mind and thoughts to a higher place of trust and faith, while practicing attuning to and maintaining the higher frequencies.

This ‘shift’, or ‘ascension’ process, is merely returning to our natural state, to our birthright… to the vibration of love!  So where do you stand? What is your truth? Embody this in all aspects of your life… there is no more merely talking the spiritual lingo – integrity, as in ‘walking your talk’… is everything, to yourself, and thus to our world. 🙏

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