COSMIC ALERT! FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE at 14˚ SCORPIO Friday May 5th opposed by Mercury rx & Uranus brings a storm of transformation! ⚡️ The ‘lightening bolt of change (Uranus) in the hands of destiny’ reveals that which has reached its finality and must be released for the imminent evolutionary decay process. 🌪️ The storm awakens us where we have been sleeping allowing the underworld swells to wash away the old… let go of the shore and trust the flow ~!

The Scorpio Archetype rules over: 

– Death & Rebirth
– Sexual Soul fusion
– Power/Powerlessness
– The Underworld/Shadow Realm
– Alchemy
– Obsession/Jealousy/Betrayal
– Shamanism
– Wealth
– Trauma
– Transmutation
– All things hidden/Secrets
– Wounds/Healing
– Occult

Remember the Eclipse portal opened April 5th and won’t close until May 19th. This is an alchemical period that only happens twice per year and heralds massive change in our lives. However during an Eclipse, ‘the lights go out’ and therefore the energetic framework of our lives is temporarily unstable… though this is an extremely creative time, it is also a time to be extra mindful and cautious. And don’t expect to get the full picture until integration time late May*…

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You may also like to tune into “March 1 & March 2” (they are only 15 minutes!) to understand the huge shifts upon us that will last the next 3-20 years!

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