Inter-Dependence Day; Sirius New Moon; & ‘It’s the End of the World as We Know It’!


Summer is in full swing and I don’t know if you feel this way but WOH, are we really half-way through 2024!?

So YES! The heat is ‘on’ but in more ways than one as the astrology of the ‘now’ keeps pushing us to our edges and although it is Cancer season, comfort isn’t always available. I’m sure you have all realized by now there is ‘no going back to the way it was’, but where the heck is it that we are going?

As time becomes more illusive and reality – well, more surreal than not, we are all reaching the ‘final exam’ of this masters course of ascension and every existential button likely being pushed. 

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I have created a once a week – 12 week curriculum in a ‘Vajra’ format (Aquarius ‘lightening’ transmissions) to empower you with the foundational essentials of what I feel is is crucial tool for those who are on the fast track and leaders of this evolutionary shift. 

Learning to speak the ‘Language of Light’ is a bedrock to unlocking the secret codes of the Universe. We have a ‘sacred map’ and the leaders of this ‘Shift’ must be trusted and knowledgable navigators. 

Astrology once was a foundation in everyday life but got buried underground during the dark ages. We could not be so easily controlled if we knew we had direct knowledge of the Gods, manifestation, and magic. Well the Pisces Age is dying, and the true Aquarian Warriors are being called forth. 

This is a unique opportunity to receive these transmissions one on one – as the material will be soon transposed virtually. If you would like to be considered for this exclusive opportunity please respond to this email and let me know you would like the details. I only have space for 9 students total so there will be an application process and I would LOVE to share this iniatory experience with you! ⭐️ 



Neptune at 29˚Pisces Goes Rx at The ‘Death Degree’ of the Zodiac

Neptune, ruling planet of Pisces reigns over the unseen realms, the spirit world, the un-nameable – the boundless, undefinable mystery and the God-head itself. It entered its own sign of Pisces in 2011 and therein began the slow dissolution of reality as we have known it. Security became less available on the ‘outside’ therefor we have been thrust inwardly to find our only true salvation which is the hero’s journey within.

Remember 2012?! Many feel this was perhaps the ‘true initiation’ point of the Aquarian Age. We know it was the end of the Mayan calendar, so with all ending come beginnings right? 

Well currently Neptune, the planet of illusions, dreams, and beyond the veil consciousness arrives at the very end of the zodiac beckoning total dissolution where it has not been since 1860. It is hovering here at the looming’ death degree’ giving us some foreshadowing of what is no longer… however what is yet to come, is nowhere in sight, or is it?

This is the ultimate existential crisis for many who are holding the dream of the New Earth, yet walking the tight-wire of the rapid decay of the only system we have known that pervades the 3D world at this time.

And it is not merely personal, it is collective as we have yet to truly downshift through the darker depths of the birth canal from one age to another and it is typical that between eons there is massive chaos, destruction, world wars, and even pandemics. 

I’m assuming you are all feeling it? Economic uncertainty, relationship tumultuousness, mental unrest and instability, the rising destructive forces everywhere we turn – also many ‘sensitives’ having apocalyptic dreams of this nearly inconceivable moment in evolutionary history pushing us all to our edge of facing the unknown.

And now as of July 2nd, Neptune goes rx turning up the intensity of facing the unknown. So how do we stay out of fear? And what is being asked of us? What is really going on? And what is our part to play?

Galactic history tells us that humans have destroyed the Earth now 4-5 times with the misuse of our powers. Floods, pole shifts, abuse of technology, destruction of the sacred – all played a roll in the eventual demise of our sacred Mother Earth. And here we stand again. Teetering on the brink of repeating the same heinous desecration yet simultaneous arriving in the new Aquarian landscape where we have the potential to ascend into our divinity, accessing the powers of God to act as servants to the highest divine orders. To truly usher in the ‘Age of Light’. We are not just straddling the ages but simultaneously the dimensions and therefor the mission for those who are ‘awake’ is crucial. 

We are still peeling off the layers of programming that we are powerless and to be dictated by outside forces. We as a humanity have been asleep, complacent and compliant as the elite dictated the narrative for thousands of years. But the time is NOW that we employ our full potentials. The time is now to stay focused on the horizon line, the rainbow beyond the storm, the essence of the sacredness that is our the ultimate truth, our birthright and why we came to Earth at this moment in the first place! It is is through the focus of our ‘One Mind’ that we manifest this heaven on earth reality for the future of humanity*.

Here are some navigation tips:

  •        Double down in the knowing we are eternal – so nothing truly to fear
  •        Trust through tuning into nature: After winter, comes the spring – decay is natural and necessary
  •        Remove the obstacles to your freedom of spirit and true essence (energy and psychological work)
  • –      Practice the art of manifestation, notice how what you focus on – you create (positive and negative) – amplify the positive
  •       Join forces with those creating the new world paradigm – contribute your time, find your tribe and commit
  •       Live your Sun! Your specific ‘light’ is a crucial part of the Aquarian template and your gift to life!
  •        Learn ancient alchemical practices to work with density
  •        See life through the eyes of God – everyone in your field you have attracted- those who trigger you the most are your greatest teachers
  •       Take responsibility for your creations – victim programs are so Pisces Age!
  •       Get off the hamster wheel. Slow your nervous system – attune to the natural world (get off the devices)
  •       Break out of the matrix – whatever that means to ‘you’
  •        Pray, ask for guidance, we have so much unseen support we do not call upon
  •        Practice ‘pronoia’ rather than ‘paranoia’… (Expect greatness!)

Things to watch out for: 

  •        Beware of illusion, delusion, and deception.
  •        Overwhelm, confusion, and lethargy are paramount, avoid escapism and any addictive mechanism
  •        Emotions running high, feelings of loss, fear of unknown, and old patterns taking hold, go inward through meditation, prayer, support and allow natures elements to recalibrate
  •        Beware of false gurus, guides, groups that promise you a fast track to ascension~ it is rampant! The true path is within and available to all working with our internal technologies.
  •        Caution with plant medicines! Also being misused, abused, and sold as a form of spiritual bypassing and is dangerous. These sacred medicines are meant to be used only to open doors, Not as a crutch, and administered only by initiated masters. We have the codes and access to these higher states in our DNA – work with breath, chakras, music and dance.
  •        Get support. Ask for help if you need it. The collective psyche is splintering as we push off from the ‘known’ into the ‘unknown’. This is suppose to happen. Reality isn’t what we have been programmed. It is far more magical and permeable that we can imagine. These are uncharted territories, there are trusted guides. Trust your intuition
  •        Work with the Sun! The ancients knew it held the secret codes of illumination! 
  •         Learn about our metaphysical history. Tap into your own genetic medicine.
  •       TRUST THE PROCESS. Birth is bloody, painful, scary, yet absolutely organic, divine, and wondrous. We don’t want to ‘go back to where we were’. We are laying the infrastructure for the ultimate landscape man has yet to experience. This is our mission and our legacy for the future of all mankind. 

If you feel like you don’t know where you are going – you are not alone, and this is PART OF THE PROCESS which requires us to surrender to the great master of the universal flow. How deep do you trust? What is your faith built upon?

We receive instant feedback when we are attuned to the higher frequencies, or not. This is all an ener

gy game and we have the codes woven into our DNA. Now is the time to implement all these conceptual notions in our minds, hearts, and our everyday walk. One step at a time…if not one breath at a time


We are all in this together! 

Thinking about our July 4th ‘Independence Day’ I am seeing the connection to our current Nodal Axis position in the axis of Aries/Libra. The Nodal Axis, known as the ‘line of fate’, or the ‘destiny line’ reflects our personal and collective karma and dharma and is what initates our bi-yearly eclipse seasons. 

As previously mentioned, this axis is the relationship axis: ‘Me and We’. We have all been dancing with this polarity since July 2022 and it will complete with the final Libra eclipse this coming September. Anyone had relationship dynamics at the forefront of your awareness? (Haha- rhetorical question). 

Aries – ‘Me’ is about our individual sovereignty. Libra – ‘We’, our relationship dynamics. They are two sides to the same pole and thus the see-saw creates the drama of our lives. The interplay of  ‘self and other’ though complex, is the accelerating force of our evolution as we have now ascended into these new energies on the planet. Libra – ‘the mirror’ (and first decan of the Aquarian Age), gives us instant feedback to our inner reality, also the crucible of holy desire for union which takes us beyond the separate self and into the syzygy of divine union. Sounds lovely I know yet the path is fraught with shadow, pain, illusion, yet for the courageous warriors (Aries) holds the greatest reward. 

How do we maintain our autonomy, not getting vacuumed into another persons reality, while opening ourself fully to the jewels that await in the garden of this sacred union? I see this symbol as the image of aspen trees. I lived in Colorado for 15 years and they are the most glorious vision in the fall – even more magnificent is there majestic height standing tall, proud, and solitary, yet they all share the same root system. They are all interconnected.

Whether in an intimate relationship, or us as and organismic consciousness of the human race, I feel this awareness is a powerful contemplation and understanding. We need each other. The Soul can only go so far alone. Yes while it is crucial to have our own deep roots planted, ultimately we are all organs of the One divine body of God. 

While we celebrate ‘freedom’, let us also celebrate our connections to one another, our community, and to the world at large. 


One of the most potent New Moons of 2024 is conjunct Venus, ‘Goddess of Love and Beauty’, and Sirius, our ‘sister-star’ or second Sun illuminates the quintessential potency of our highest and purest. 

Sirius is a fixed star that holds deep mythological meaning as representing the Divine Mother, worshipped by the Egyptians as the Goddess Isis. This star follows Osiris (Orion) around the night sky restoring him from death with her life-giving fertility. It is thought by many that we are in a binary system, and that Sirius is married to our Sun, their dance with one another is that which creates the precession of the equinoxes. Our central Sun is known to rule over our our material world (which is an illusion), while Sirius oversees the spiritual (our true eternal Soul essence).

This is a RARE New Moon as it is sandwiched between two Capricorn Full Moons (June 21st & July 21st). Saturn, ruler of Capricorn in Pisces now retrograde since June 29th, is insisting on cleaning up our integrity, committing to our sacred path, and doing the hard and sober work of building the scaffolding to our future. Capricorn can feel harsh and restrictive, but this Cancer New Moon is inviting tenderness and vulnerability. The conjunction to Venus implies applying this to our relationships, and Sirius gives us the doorway for a spiritual rebirth. When committed to the integrity of our thoughts, actions and focus, while tuning into the sensitivity of our hearts, we may truly bridge matter and spirit, heaven and earth. The Soul evolves through the emotional body, so bypassing is not an option as it will only prolong and interrupt the journey. 

This auspicious New Moon invites us to come ‘Home’, whatever this means to you. This could be literal, could bring up issues with your ‘home’ of past and family, past lives to clear, or it could be beckoning you deeper to your true spiritual home within. 

Whatever challenges you face, clear the obstacles, and remember the key is that all that is reflected on the outside, is a projection from within. So feel all the ‘feels’,  face your fears, and surrender to the path knowing you have access to a profound spiritual breakthrough while being held in the arms of the Divine Mother.


I set My rainbow in the cloud, and it shall be for the sign of the covenant between Me and the earth. It shall be, when I bring a cloud over the earth, that the rainbow shall be seen in the cloud; and I will remember My covenant which is between Me and you and every living creature of all flesh; the waters shall never again become a flood to destroy all flesh. The rainbow shall be in the cloud, and I will look on it to remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is on the earth.” And God said to Noah, “This is the sign of the covenant which I have established between Me and all flesh that is on the earth.”

Genesis 9:13-71

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