THE SHIFT FOUNDATION, a 501.C.3 non-profit

Originally founded in 2005 as an alternative spiritual development & non-profit charitable organization named, “The Foundation for Spiritual Advancement”, we have since gone through a number of incarnations. In 2010, Shannon created the concept and branded “The Shift Foundation” for conscious raising work. In 2016, these two ventures merged as a new non-profit association with an emphasis on spiritual engagement and a more participatory role with teachings, offerings, ceremonies & the ritual experience.

The Shift Foundation, a Texas non-profit corporation, is focused on growing a community of volunteers, healers, practitioners, free-thinkers, artists, networkers, guided souls and like-minds to help facilitate the shift in human awareness. As a non-profit organization, our core volunteers are here to connect, help unify and assist in healing those who are facing issues that require more than just physical and material support, those who need a better understanding consciousness and support of spirit.

Members of The Shift Foundation and extended community are also involved with works nationally and internationally, lecture and teaching on various aspects of the global transformation.

On a local level TSF is now hosting events and teachings at Samadhi Yoga Center in Wimberley, Texas Through exploring this new venture we are able to network and facilitate more local healers & teachers. We also have direct contact with the mother earth and we’re creating a place for sacred natural connections to occur. In turn, Lotus Bend is becoming a budding nexus for building sustainable & spiritual healing space in assisting our community.

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