Welcome to my New Youtube Venture

April—– “It’s time…. I am venturing out into my own channel. 

Will sharing some of my new youtube channel content and adding videos from content contributors which host me on theirs…  


Here are some topics we will be posting here::

  • Transits: Yearly, monthly and transit reviews.
  • Questions regarding relationships, career and life issues.
  • Cosmic downloads: the nature of reality, ‘why’ we are here,
  • What  is the ‘Great Shift’ or ‘Awakening’ really about & what YOUR part is to play in it.
  • Hot topics going on in the world today
  • Health and wellness. Mind-Body-Spirit
  • And so much more…

Catch me on the web...

Tab #1

In 2019, Shannon was asked to be on the podcast, Beyond the Illusion, discussing the coming events of 2020… in her segment she predicted that we are looking at cycles of global food shortages for 2020 and the upcoming years. Later in 2020, a listener reached out to remind her that she had made that specific prediction months early, before the start of the world pandemic. Join

Special Thanks to Tim Howe and Tianna Roser at Beyond the Illusion Podcast

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